The Daily: June 5
Thursday, 05 June 2014

The Daily: June 5

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Written by Lindsay Wright
Rare Henri Toulouse Lautrec poster sells for £315,000
A Henri Toulouse Lautrec poster, Moulin Rouge la Goulue, sold for a phenomenal £315,000 at a Christie's auction in London. Sophie Churcher a representative from Christie's proposed that the 6ft poster is one of only a few to remain complete and could possibly be the "world's first advertising poster." The poster which was created in three sections and later glued together features one of the founding stars of the Moulin Rouge, the cancan dancer, Louise Webster, who performed under her stage name Goulue (The Glutton). It is considered the first poster to be designed by Lautrec who was commissioned by co- founder of the Moulin Rouge, Charles Zidler, in 1891. The poster was brought by an American collector.

Chimpanzees have the ability to outwit humans
Researchers have found that Chimpanzees can predict how their opponent will behave when playing games against them because they can remember tactics they have used before. Two teams made up of two humans and two chimpanzees were put against each other to play the "hide and seek... inspection game." Each pair was seated back to back facing a computer screen and asked to choose one of two blue boxes on either the left or right side of the screen. One team were the 'seekers,' their objective was to choose the opposite choice of their opponent and the other team were the 'matchers' and their goal was to choose the same as their competitors. If the players repeatedly won they were given a reward. Professor Colin Camaner suggests" superior chimpanzee performance could be due to excellent short term memory, a particular strength in chimps." He went on to say that, "humans are prosocial and cooperative." The research conducted proposes that chimps repeatedly outperformed their human opponents.

First-time novelist Eimear Mc Bride 37 has won The Women's Prize For Fiction
Liverpool born Eimear McBride, the author of the award winning novel, A Half-formed Thing, was repeatedly rejected by publishers for ten years because they deemed the novel "too experimental." The novel centres on the story of a young lady and the relationship she has with her brother who had a childhood brain tumour. The novel only took the author the duration of six months to complete in 2004 and after exhausting the list of publishers to send her manuscript too was forced to put it away until 2013 when a small publishing company, Gallery Beggar Press, noticed the novels potential and took it on. McBride was advanced £600 by the company and was only the second book they had released. Faber and Faber later gave the book a larger marketing audience. The novel has now been critically acclaimed, winning the Goldsmiths Prize and only just losing out on the Folio Prize in March 2014 to George Saunders an American author. The chair of the judging panel at the Women's Prize for Fiction awards, Helen Fraser suggested that McBride had crafted "An amazing and ambitious first novel that impressed the judges with its inventiveness and energy... This novel will move and astonish the reader."

Are pets to blame for keeping us awake at night?
The psychiatrist, Dr Lois Krahn, conducted study at The Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, United States suggested that pets could be disturbing our sleep. Krahn said that, "The study determined that while the majority of patients did not view their pets intolerably disturbing their sleep, a higher percentage of patients experienced irritation." In 2013 approximately 10% of pet owners attended the clinics sleep centre and blamed their pets wandering, toilet habits, snoring, other noises and sickness for keeping them awake at night compared to just 1% in 2002. At a sleep conference Krahn concluded that the results "maybe related to the larger number of households with multiple pets."

New bills passed by the Queen.
There were 21 new bills passed in Parliament yesterday. One of which was the new infrastructure bill which will enable developers to by-pass authorities if they delay decisions concerning planning conditions. This has also played in small housing developments favour for they do not have to make "all new homes zero-carbon by 2016." Pensioners will also benefit from the new pensions tax bill implemented by George Osborne because they will have the rights to withdraw all of their savings, giving them the freedom to invest when they choose. The Modern slavery bill will work by awarding victims of slavery who are eligible "compensation and reparations from traffickers in cash." There will also be harsher sentences for computer hackers called the Cinderella law who project "emotional cruelty" upon their victims. Parents who work will also be eligible for tax relief of an amount of up to £2,000 per child. The Recall of the MPs bill also means that constituents will possess the power to "sign a petition" which could result in a "by-election if their MP is jailed for less than a year."

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