The Daily: August 6
Wednesday, 06 August 2014

The Daily: August 6

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Written by Summer Dunscombe
Ben Whishaw takes on the role of Paddington Bear
Many of you will know Ben Whishaw as the notorious spy from James Bond, but now he has put down his weapon and decided to pick up a jar of marmalade; that's right, he has adapted the role of Paddington Bear. Earlier this year Colin Firth was initially cast as the British Bear but decided to vacate the role due to the fact that he couldn't get the tone of voice correct; the director, David Heyman, said that: "Colin was brilliant, but his voice was, ultimately, too mature". Whishaw was apprehensive at first as he had never read any of the books as a child so he felt he had no relationship with the bear, however now he is embracing and enjoying the mystery which is animation! You can go watch and listen to Ben Whishaw as Paddington Bear on the 28 November.

Voices are more Alluring than you Think
In a recent survey people have actually said that they can fall in love with someone purely through the sound of their voice! A stunning 24% of the British public have admitted to this as they say that the voices can be very alluring; this goes on further when 73% of the people said that the voice alone can make somebody more attractive even if they are not particularly good looking. In terms of celebrities, the top three female voices are Joanna Lumley, Nigella Lawson, and Holly Willoughby. Meanwhile the top three male voices are George Clooney, Sean Connery and Pierce Brosnan. Of course there is then the Irish accent and the Scottish accent; Liam Neeson claimed the prize voted by the members of Northern Ireland and Ewan McGregor claimed the prize voted by the members of Scotland! So listen out, you may just hear the love of your life!

Bucket Lists of the Modern Generation
Recently, researchers have discovered that the youths of today top their bucket lists with getting a good job and going to university. The modern generation bucket list featured events such as learning how to drive (59%), going to university (54%), and travelling around the world (64%). This is very different to the past generation where only 24% of youths wanted to go to university and 40% of youths wanted to learn how to drive. However it seems that the concept of 'work hard, play hard' has come into view as a staggering 39% of people would want to go to a festival and 32% would get a tattoo, this shows that this generation is prepared to let loose a little more often. Let's wait and see what else the future has in store for the bucket lists of modern youths.

Earth may be fuelled for the next Ten Thousand Years!
As mankind's first moonwalkers first arrived back on Earth, little did they know that the 'dirt' they bought back may just be able to fuel our planet for another 10,000 years! This 'dirt' is in fact lunar dirt and contains an abundance of titanium, platinum and other valuable minerals; this is known as helium-3 and has been dropped on the moon by huge amounts of solar winds. To make this a possibility solar panels and oxygen units would be transported from the Earth to the Moon, then the lunar dust is gathered and heated to 600c to expose helium-3, and finally the helium-3 would be transported back to Earth is an unique spacecraft. This would be an outstanding opportunity if this were to come true!

Ancient King's Tomb Discovered in China
Archaeologists struck gold after discovering a 2,100 year old tomb belonging to the ancient King Liu Fei in Jiangdu, China. Over 10,000 artefacts we discovered, this included weapons, cooking equipment, chariots and rare coins. Also to be discovered was Lui Fei's Jade Coffin; this was the most important discovery because it is the only intact one of its kind ever found. As well as this deer and lamb lamps were found, along with a silver basin and a kitchen had been set up to cater for his needs in the afterlife. Although they found the extensive amounts of treasure, the Kings body was not to be found anywhere in the site. Maybe the mystery of the missing king will one day be resolved.

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