The Daily: August 28
Thursday, 28 August 2014

The Daily: August 28

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Written by Stephanie Rihon
Bake Off's 'Bingate'
Last night's 'bingate' fiasco on the Great British Bake Off was certainly one to remember. Contestant Iain Watters had a meltdown after his freshly made Baked Alaskan started melting on his counter just before judges Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood were inspecting the desserts. When asked where his treat was, Watters pointed to the bin. Twitter and other social media was in uproar claiming that the contestant had been sabotaged by competitor Diana who was filmed taking his dessert out of the freezer while it was still setting. Hashtags such as #justiceforiain started trending minutes after the incident occurred. Paul Hollywood took to Twitter to try to silence the fiasco saying 'I'm glad Mary's not on Twitter, this would upset her... #enoughnow'.

Doggy Fashion
We're all guilty of watching one of those reality television shows and thinking 'gosh I would love to get my hands on that skirt' but now apparently our pooches are feeling the pressure too. eBay's canine clothing sales have skyrocketed over the past 90 days bringing in over £142,000. According to sales reports, shows such as Made in Chelsea and TOWIE are to blame, or praise, for this recent surge. As Autumn approaches, the sales of doggie vests have dropped and hoodie sales have also greatly increased. There are 1,800 fancy dress listings for dogs so those sales do not look like they will slow down any time soon either. If any of those don't float your boat, then why not try a doggy mac? We're sure Binky's Cavalier Spaniel will have one on soon enough too!

The oldest toilet seat
There's big news on the archaeological front, but not the kind one might expect. No jewels or grand tombs as of yet, just a very old wooden toilet seat. Yesterday, a 2,000 year old wooden toilet seat was found in the ruins of the Vindolanda fort on Hadrian's Wall in Northumberland. The fort was built early in the second century making this wooden find the only of its kind. Soldiers were stationed at the fort to keep barbarians away from the border and they would certainly much rather a wooden toilet seat than a freezing cold marble one – which was the norm for the period. Archaeologists believe that the toilet seat has been so well preserved due to its packed conditions in the mud as it received very little oxygen allowing it to survive all these years. So there's another bog to add to the collection...

Jiff'll be there in a jiffy
Finding the fastest dog is no new feat but discovering the speediest canine on two legs certainly is! Meet, Jiff the Pomeranian pooch from Beverly Hills, Los Angeles who has managed to run 10 metres on his hind legs in under 7 seconds (6.56 seconds to be exact). Practice certainly makes perfect as Jiff spends an hour a day practicing his record which he managed to set on his first attempt at convincing Guinness World Records judges. Alongside his ability to jog like a human, Jiff is able to bow, ride a skateboard around Hollywood skate parks and stamp his own autograph for all his loyal fans. Woof.

The fake pregnant panda
A giant panda in China, named Ai Hin, has faked a pregnancy to improve her 'quality of life'. Ai Hin was going to be the first panda to broadcast giving birth live but unfortunately this has been cancelled as her breeders finally saw through her clever tricks. Due to the giant panda's notoriously low reproduction rates and its endangered status, pregnant pandas are usually more pampered than the rest of them. They receive more buns, fruit, and bamboo and generally live more like a Queen compared to their pals. However, after being moved to a single room, breeders found that her 'behavioural and psychological indexes returned to normal'. Bad luck Ai! Hopefully Edinburgh's pregnant panda is not pulling the same wool over our eyes!

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