The Daily: October 17
Friday, 17 October 2014

The Daily: October 17

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Written by Jasmine Crocker
Tourist Locked in Waterstones
A trip to the bookstore turned into a longer outing than planned after David Willis, of Dallas, Texas, found himself locked into the store.

Claiming that he was only upstairs at store for 15 minutes, he came down to find the lights off and doors locked.

Willis said that he had been locked inside shop in Trafalgar Square for two hours.

Metropolitan Police rescued Willis from the Trafalgar Square store at 11.20pm yesterday.

He pleaded with Waterstones from his Twitter account to let him out whilst his kind followers offered to bring him food, and book recommendations to keep him busy as he waited for his release.

Vinyl Makes a Comeback
Sales of LP records have doubled in the last year to an overwhelming 550,000, which puts it at the highest level it has been for a decade.

With Christmas around the corner it is hoped that sales will be pushed to above 700,000.

A poll of 1,700 vinyl buyers discovered that 86 per cent of them admitted it was their favorite music format. Research suggests that vinyl is preferred to CDs or downloads because of the cover art, sound quality and the process involved in playing a record.

Artists such as David Bowie have assisted the increase of interest in vinyl, by releasing albums on vinyl.

Alien Mussels Discovered
A type of mussel which has been identified as the greatest single threat to Britain's wildlife of any alien species has been discovered in a reservoir near Heathrow airport.

This is the first discovery of the quagga mussels at Wraysbury reservoir. The unearthing poses a serious threat to thousands of native animals and diverse habitats within Britain. At their worst, the mussels will also disrupt water supplies by blocking pipes and causing flooding.

The molluscs, originally from Ukraine, grow to no more than 5cm long but breed so profusely that they can threaten to block water supplies.

Brits Happiest in their 50s
It may be surprising to hear that Britons get happier rather than grumpier with age.
A new survey reveals we find our greatest contentment at 58.

Clearly, the work-life balance takes a lot of fine-tuning. The age that is most stressful is 35 as both family and work demand a lot of time.

By 58, people were happiest with their lifestyle and taking proper lunch breaks as well as sticking to their contracted hours.

It was discovered that the biggest key to contentment was spending time with family, coming close behind was doing a job they loved. However, financial worries were found to be the biggest cause of stress.

Birmingham Balti bids to get protected food name status from the EU
It is now a possibility that the dish could be given coveted Protected Food Name status. If it was to win, it would join Stilton cheese and Cumberland sausages which are already on the list from the UK. If successful, it would mean anyone in the world cooking the unique curry must refer to it as the Birmingham Balti.

Its history spans three decades, arriving in England with cooks from northern Pakistan in the 1970s and 1980s. It was altered to work with British ingredients and the British palate, which resulted in the balti as it is known today. In particular, this involves meat that is off the bone, vegetable oil instead of ghee and dry spices instead of fresh.

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