The Daily: October 23
Thursday, 23 October 2014

The Daily: October 23

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Written by Antonia Munday
Monkey Tricks
Animal Planet released an astonishing video of a Bonobo ape named Kanzi building a fire to roast marshmallows on. First the chimp broke down kindling and stacked the wood before striking a match, then proceeding to skewer marshmallows and begins toasting them. Bonobo apes are considered our closest primate relatives, so perhaps it is in his blood to enjoy this sweet treat! As well as mastering basic cooking skills (the word cooking is used somewhat loosely here!) Kanzi can also communicate using a computer, has a vocabulary of over 500 English words and has a comprehension of about 3000 words. This ape is not only highly intelligent, but would also be highly useful on a camping trip, given his natural ability to light a campfire!

3,000 Year Old Coffin Found in Essex Living Room
After an elderly lady moved to a local nursing home, experts from Reeman Dansie Auctioneers were asked to look around her house. Expecting to find some jewellery and maybe even a commemorative tea pot, the experts were surprised to find a 3000 year old Ancient Egyptian sarcophagus in the living room. It is thought that the owner came into possession of the ancient coffin when she bought it off of a local museum when it shut down. The coffin is thought to have originally made its way into the UK during the Napoleonic Wars in the 19th century. The artefact is said to have a value of £6000, however it is thought that it will reach much higher values at auction.

Fly to the US for less than £100
Come March when Wow Air flights will begin flying from Gatwick, it will be possible to fly to Washington or Boston for £99 one way with the Icelandic airline. Checking in a bag will cost £39, a third of the whole ticket price, and extra legroom will come at the princely sum of £14. The flights from Boston will leave five times a week and the flights to Washington will leave four times a week. The downside is that the flight will not be direct; it will involve stopping in Iceland before making the transatlantic crossing, however this is a small inconvenience to suffer given the total price of the flight. This is set to be the first part of Wow Air's plans to make flights to the US cheaper, and will open up the possibility of wider travel to more people.

A relaxing holiday?
A recent survey has revealed that there has been an increase in squabbling on holiday between couples. Those in their twenties are more likely to argue over directions than those in their sixties, with 38% compared to 21%. The reason for this could be because the ability to map read is declining in younger people, so when they have the 'where are we?' conversation the chances of them being genuinely clueless are higher than those capable of reading a map. Reliance on GPS could also be a cause for arguments; however it's more likely that it's a driver vs. Sat Nav argument, than an argument between passengers. 56% of those asked squabble on holiday, over things such as money and where to eat/drink, how relaxing.

Aldi Introduces New Range
Aldi will be introducing a new range of affordable, organic produce which will be in place by January 2015. The first things to be introduced will be cauliflower, carrots, broccoli and onions, with prices ranging from 79p to £1.49, unlike other supermarkets whose prices range between 85p and £2.45. Another way that Aldi will be altering its range is to add more products to its Specially Selected range, as well as increasing the variety of meats available, providing more convenience food and increasing their wine and spirit range. The latest expansion follows the ongoing success of Aldi's premium range which has seen year on year sales rise by 74%. Joint Managing Director of Corporate Buying Tony Baines said that the aim was to ensure that 'organic produce was available to everyone'.

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