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Written by Antonia Munday
Helen Mirren to be the New Face of L'Oreal
Today it was announced that alongside other celebrities such as Cheryl Fernandez- Versini and Lara Stone, 69 year old Dame Helen Mirren would also be an ambassador for L'Oreal. There is only one other representative of the company that is similar to Mirren in age, Diane Keaton at age 68, with some of the other being less than half her age.

Another thing that sets her aside from the other representatives is that it is only Cheryl Fernandez- Versini and Hugh Laurie who are representing Britain in the list of ambassadors on the website.

Dame Helen Mirren has found a new level of success in her later life, and reveals that she feels more comfortable now than she did when she was younger. The national treasure will certainly be able to compete with fellow representatives such as Eva Longoria, and is a beautiful example of how to mature gracefully.

You'll Need your Thermal Layers for this Job
A rather unusual job description was advertised in the Lake District area for a 'fell top assessor', which upon first reading seems rather ambiguous, however reading the job description is definitely something you would want to do before applying for this unusual job.

A 'fell top assessor' will need to climb to the top of the 950 metre peak to record conditions every day. Whilst this job seems slightly strange, it is wholly necessary and could be potentially life saving, as many lives are lost per year due to unexpected weather events, such as avalanches caused by impromptu storms.

This job would not be for the faint hearted, as wind chill temperatures could sink to below -16 degrees Celsius, as well as the chosen candidate having to face wind rain and snow on a daily basis for the parts of the year they would be working, December through to Easter.

Mr and Mrs Bach, a Joint Effort?
Almost 260 years after his death Bach's work is still listened to and appreciated by millions, however it has recently emerged that perhaps it was not all Bach's own hard work, that perhaps he had some help from his second wife, Anna Magdalena.

Through analysis of his ink and style, it can be seen that perhaps Mrs Bach did far more work on the renowned pieces than previously thought. In his later years it is known the Anna became a scribe for him, however studies of the transcripts have shown that the writing does not have the 'slowness or heaviness' of someone who is simply copying.

Also sometimes the corrections made in her hand show that she could have been composing as she went along. It raises questions about the assumptions that we make that all of the successful composers at the time were male; perhaps there are other female composers from the past that have remained undiscovered.

Circus Posters Could be Sold for £20,000
A collection of rare 125 year old posters advertising the Barnum and Bailey travelling circus have emerged for sale at approximately £20,000. The circus travelled across the globe in the late 1800s and early 1900s, and people flocked from all around to the see the show, which featured an array of traditional circus acts.

One of the posters shows champion jumper James Teddy, billed as the 'human aeroplane' jumping spectacular heights. Another poster boasts of '7 open dens of trained wild beasts', showing big cats and other unusual animals, something that circus' nowadays just cannot pride themselves upon in the same way.

The posters will be auctioned at Link Auctions in St Louis in America, where experts are predicting them to be sold for £20,000. It is astonishing that these posters have survived for so long, and they are a perfect way to see into a bygone era.

Comedy Shows Can Help Deal With Discomfort
There is strong evidence to prove that our mood can influence how well we deal with pain, meaning that if we are in a better mood, we are more capable of dealing with the discomforts that our body may throw at us. Those who are in touch with their inner emotions are better equipped to deal with pain, as they are more likely to literally be able to 'grin and bear it', one in six found that watching a comedy film made it easier to deal with their pain.

Other psychological strategies carried out by the Deep Relief survey found that talking to a loved one on the phone, eating a favourite meal and daydreaming about holiday plans helped to make them feel better. There is evidence to show the link between emotion and our perception of pain; the deeper the depression the more intense the pain.

One in ten said that they used oral painkillers to deal with the discomfort; however with rising concerns for health surrounding this medication, maybe laughter is the safest way to drive off pain.

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