The Daily: October 28
Tuesday, 28 October 2014

The Daily: October 28

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Written by Antonia Munday
Lynda Bellingham may be back on our TV Screens
Following the death of Lynda Bellingham after she lost her battle with colon cancer last weekend, an online petition with over 150,000 signatures has made its wishes clear. The aim of the petition, which started on Facebook, is to air the Christmas OXO advert on 25 December in honour of Lynda's wish to see another Christmas. Lynda is well known for a number of things, from her work on stage to her role on the chat show Loose Women, however the thing that she is perhaps most renowned for is her role in the advert from 1983-1999.

When asked whether they would permit this to happen, OXO sensitively said 'she will always be remembered as the OXO mum but we don't wish to overshadow all the other inspiring things she did with her life and career by focusing solely on our adverts', showing that there is still discussion surrounding the matter.

Bellingham's death has had a profound effect on many and so the tributes being paid to her are widespread, this petition is only one way in which people are paying their respects, with others doing things like donating to Cancer Research in her name.

No More Chocolate Coins
Today via a twitter post Cadbury announced that they would no longer be producing the infamous golden chocolate coins. The tradition of putting coins in the bottom of stockings stemmed from the fourth century bishop St Nicholas, who once dropped his purse down a chimney into a pair of stockings.

For many generations the golden treat at the bottom of the stocking is part of their traditional Christmas, however Cadbury have decided that this will be no more. Their main reason for discontinuing the iconic Christmas treat is that the production was 'too fiddly' and that profits were suffering because they couldn't use the renowned Cadbury purple. There are claims that this comes after Cadbury was bought by US food company Kraft in 2010.

The Knack to Buying Holiday Tickets
A recent survey carried out by the Airline Reporting Corps showed that for those looking to buy plane tickets, Sunday should not be the day of rest- it is the day that the cheapest tickets are available. During the traditional Monday to Friday working week, Tuesday is the best day to get cheaper tickets.

However, it did only look at tickets purchased from travel agents and satellite ticket printing offices, and did not include tickets purchased directly from airlines – the way that most consumers usually purchase their tickets. Another way to ensure that you get the best deal, the survey showed, is to purchase international tickets at least 24 weeks in advance. Despite these useful tricks and tips, it is still highly recommended to search around for the best deal, on all days of the week, not just Sunday and Tuesday.

An Unusual Regular Customer
At the Santa Cruz Island in the Galapagos Islands, there is rather an odd customer at the sea front fishmongers. A sea lion is a regular to the queue and has been known to stand up on her flippers and wait for an hour to be given the scraps that come after the fish has been filleted.

The locals barely bat an eyelid, going about their daily business; they never interact or touch the animals, and have become accustomed to the proximity of them over the years. The fish stall is approximately 2.5 metres away from the water's edge, meaning that when the sea lion is fully contended with the leftovers it has received, it just jumps into the water. The cheeky sea lion is surprisingly tame, patiently waiting for her turn and conducting herself in a way that most queue-jumpers could learn from!

6,000 Year Old Cathedral Uncovered
A 6,000 year old pagan cathedral was unearthed in Ukraine that is thought to have been the heart of a medieval community. It is thought that the community would have had around 1200 buildings and 50 streets, similar in size to other settlements in Ukraine and East Europe as part of the Trypillian culture. It would seem that this amongst other temples at the time was burnt down by the ancient tribe.

There is also evidence that complex sacrificial practices took place at this site, as lamb bones can be found upon the places that are thought to have been alters. The temple is thought to have been two stories high, made from wood and clay, with a galleries courtyard.

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