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The Daily: June 11

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Written by Oscar Perche

On paper, women are better at sex
Women are better when it comes to writing sex scenes, according to Martin Amis. He says that women portray more realism and are more  “sincere” in their writing, whereas men sometimes forget about the imperfect realities of real “fiascos and no-shows”. He believes that men try and hide their fears of impotency behind a perfect sex scene, which looses touch with reality. “The question of potency is embarrassing for men. It is a great hidden weakness in men […] and it’s not something that troubles women.” This comment surprised many, as Amis is a writer who has often been accused of being a misogynist.

Historical letters fetch a combined £270,000 at auction
A letter addressed to Henry VIII from Oliver Cromwell is set to be auctioned at Bonhams in London. The letter, which is expected to fetch up to £8,000, was an attempt to speed up the king’s marriage to Anne of Cleves. However, Henry VIII quickly cancelled the marriage when he saw the bride, who looked different to the portrait he had been sent. Across the channel, another interesting item was on auction. A letter in English from Napoleon was finally sold for £262,000 - five times its estimate - after an intense biding war. It was an exercise sent to his English teacher in 1816, whilst he was a British prisoner on St Helen.

Horrifying discovery: Penguins are perverts
Penguins are generally perceived as loveable, cute, cuddly animals that huddle together to keep warm and survive the toughest of conditions. They sit protectively on their eggs and ones they hatch, the mother will travel hundreds of miles to the sea to provide food for their children. A shocking discovery, which had been hidden by the scientist George Murray Levick because it was too horrifying, has finally been unearthed at the Natural History Museum. It recounts Levick’s observations of the Sexual Habits of the Adélie Penguins. He saw male penguins engage in sex with dead females, including some that had been dead for a year. He wrote it in Greek so that only educated gentlemen could have access to the horrors.

3D radio set to follow 3D TV
Having recently finished working on the three-dimensional television, engineers at the BBC have now started developing the 3D radio. The aim is to make the listener feel as if they are at the actual event, with sounds drifting around the room. A research paper reveals that it would involve tricking the brain. Consumers should be able to receive 3D sound from their existing radio and television sets. It has already been tested with a radio play of The Wizard of Oz. Anthony Churnside, a co-author of the paper says; “Suddenly we had mooing cows thrown about into the air and the wind could be all around you.” However, it could some time yet before we have access to this new technology.

This is not just a bank – this is an M&S bank
Marks & Spencer have announced that they will make the leap from high Street store to modern bank and open 50 banks in their existing stores to bring “the trusted M&S brand values to banking”. Next month will see the opening of their first branch at Marble Arch, with another two expected to open in the next two years. They promise “Personal touches such as M&S furniture and fresh flowers”. The new branch, called M&S Bank, will offer personal loan at 6% APR and credit cards with an APR of 15,9%. The bank will have the same opening hours as their stores and therefore remain open at weekends and into the evening to fit in with their client’s working hours.

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