The Daily: November 18
Tuesday, 18 November 2014

The Daily: November 18

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Written by Harriet Mott
Seven-year-old girl uncovers a fossil Palaeontologists might search their whole career for
Seven-year-old Amber Wilson from Wiseleigh, Eastern Victoria discovered the 100-million-year-old bones of an ichthyosaur – a seven-metre marine reptile that existed in the dinosaur age - whilst on a family holiday in outback Queensland last July. The specimen was uncovered from a pile of rocks at a known fossil site near the Kronosaurus Korner museum in Richmond. 'Money couldn't buy the incredible experience our family got from finding this fossil', Mr Wilson said. Whilst a curator from the museum, Dr Timothy Holland, expressed how astonished he was, 'A professional palaeontologist might search their entire career to find a fossil of this quality. It only took the Wilson family a few hours.'

The increase of interest in freezer food and popcorn
Freezer food has always been widely regarded as second best. However, now our freezers can become a shrine of extravagance and indulgence, storing tender lobster, venison and pistachio pate as well as confit duck with root vegetables and red wine jus. So if you wish to spread the cost this Christmas, why not stock up on some of these frozen delicacies. Waitrose have claimed that their sales of frozen puddings have already increased by 13 per cent.

Another food that is rising in sales recently is popcorn! Evidently, it is no longer just a snack for movie night as sales have increased by 30 percent from last year. Tesco's Jignesh Depala says: 'Shoppers can't get enough of popcorn right now'. As a healthy alternative to crisps or chocolate combined with its capacity to offer a variety of sweet and savoury flavours, popcorn is swiftly increasing in desirability. As Katy Squire, M&S popcorn developer states: 'Popcorn is really on trend'.

Prince Harry to take part in next summer's Chelsea Flower Show
Although Prince Charles may be the royal family's most distinguished gardener, Prince Harry has recently shown an interest as it is revealed he is to take part in next summer's Chelsea Flower show. On behalf of his charity, Sentebale, Prince Harry will display an African-themed garden to support the vulnerable children and orphans living in Lesotho. Garden designer Matt Keightley and Prince Charles have both been supporting Harry with this endeavour. Spokesman Ben Rawson says, 'As patrons of the two charities, both Prince Charles and Prince Harry have had input into the design of the garden. Prince Charles has a tremendous interest in gardening from the work he has done at Highgrove'.

Wine News
The average price of wine has hit a record high as drinkers are appreciating a more sophisticated bottle. Over the past couple of years wine-lovers have been happy to spend more on their wine as supermarkets stock better choices whilst offering cheaper selections to dine in at home. Majestic Wine explains that they have seen an increase due to a rise in production costs as well as customers' desire to indulge more frequently on something special.

Nevertheless, a gadget has been invented that claims to make bargain wine taste better by accelerating the ageing process with high frequency sounds waves. The Sonic Decanter will use ultrasound to mature cheap bottles in only 20 minutes by altering the molecular and chemical construction of the wine, making it taste smoother and more intense. The company, who have yet to release the product, explain on their Kickstarter page that the process 'results in an improvement in taste, aroma, mouth feel and an overall enjoyment in the wine drinking experience'.

Does the ancient burial in northern Greece belong to Alexander the Great?
For months, archaeologists have wondered who lies within an ancient burial mound in northern Greece. Some critics still hold on to the optimism that the skeleton belongs to Alexander the Great himself however The Greek Culture Ministry hasn't discussed the likelihood of the bones being those of the legendary warrior. Analysis of the skeleton located in an underground vault has discovered that the individual who was buried there was male and most likely an important general, based on his lavish final surroundings. Archaeologists say he was of medium height with pale skin and brown or red hair which proposes that the remains could possibly belong to a blue-eyed king. Alexander the Great was believed to have had blue eyes and golden or red hair. Experts will study the bones in attempt to see if the DNA matches Phillip II, Alexander the Great's father's DNA.

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