Friday, 23 December 2016

The Diary of Miss Darcy Bustle: 23 December

The Lady’s lovable new office dog tells all

Written by Miss Darcy Bustle
I am devoting a lot of my time this week to dropping large hints about what I would like for Christmas. Can a little dog have too big a stocking ? Duffle says that I can have whatever size stocking I want as long as it’s not bigger than his. But as it’s my first Christmas, and I am really the baby of the family, I think that I should get whatever I want. Although I know I have to ask nicely and write to Santa in grown-up writing. I also have to remember not to sob if I don’t get everything on my list.

Top of my wish list is a scooter. My little legs get really tired and I want to go on long walks with Duffle and the editor’s friend, Sally Round the Bend. Sally is in a rambling group but won’t take me as she says I’m too much of a liability. So, whenever I pass a scooter now I stand and pose next to it in the hope that someone gets the hint. I think I might become the first scooter- riding dachshund – as long as I can learn how to ride it.
iStock-178597226On my wish list

Kath bought me a beautiful new jumper with a sparkly design on the back which has become my favourite thing. I have even tried sleeping in it. It certainly warms up my chest and has helped me get over my kennel cough. Truffle and Rocco, two adopted wire- haired dachshunds from Devon, have also posted Kath a knitting pattern for a really lovely looking jumper and suggested that she knits it for me. ‘I do have a life you know,’ Kath said when I showed her the pattern, but I think she might relent. Andrea said she’ll put in a good word for me. Andrea also said that when I get a bit older I’ll be able to go to the Christmas party, but not this year and not if I try and drink the Prosecco. What’s Prosecco ?

The Rev Richard Coles went to lunch with Thomas Blaikie and told him all about his own dachshunds, Daisy, Pongo, Audrey and Willy, who are very musical apparently. Rev Coles used to be in a band called The Communards and looked quite different. He certainly didn’t wear a long frock and a dog collar. I’d rather like to be in a band, maybe I could ask them to join me and call it the Dog Collars.

I don’t think that am supposed to be looking inside the parcels around the tree, in fact, I know that I’m not. But how can I help myself ? And whoever thought it was a good idea to wrap up a doggy treats stocking full of chews and squeaky balls and then just leave it lying on the floor. nobody seems to have noticed the nibbled corners, well, nobody except lulu Guinness but surely she wouldn’t tell ? Surely even cats love dogs at Christmas time?

Until next year, lots of love for Christmas and New Year x Instagram @missdarcybustle

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