Thursday, 14 June 2012

The Daily: 15 June

Written by Oscar Perche
Neanderthals not as dumb as we think

Neanderthals have long been considered our less intelligent cousins, who were vanquished from the earth by our species, the Homo sapiens, despite their superior numbers and strength. However, during the last ten years, we have discovered that they learned to use tools, wore jewellery and even interbreed with the Homo sapiens. And now, scientists believe that the Neanderthals may have been the first humans to paint, which, if proven true, would squash the myth of their lack of intelligence. The basic paintings, discovered at El Castillo are believed to be 37,300 years old, which is the oldest painting found in Europe by more than 4,000 years and the Homo sapiens arrived in Europe about 41,000 years ago. The Neanderthals lived in Europe 250,000 years ago, which make it much more probable that they were made by the Neanderthals.

Bones may be John the Baptist's

Two years ago, six small bones were discovered in a box at a monastery in Bulgaria. Some people claimed they were the remains of John the Baptist, but scientist quickly batted these suggestions away as ridiculous. A team of scientist agreed to date a knucklebone, if only to silence the people who believed the claims. However, they were shocked to discover that the dates corresponded with John the Baptist's life. People are now lining up for hours to catch a glimpse of the bones, on show in Sophia and the site could become a major pilgrimage site. Scientists though, remain sceptical as many things could still disprove that the bones belonged to John the Baptist, who baptised Jesus Christ.

Eurostar advert mocks English stereotype

The French and the English have always enjoyed having a dig at each other. Eurostar have portrayed the British as fat, middle-aged, beer-drinking, dart and snooker playing men in an advertisement encouraging the French to use the Eurostar to travel to London for the Olympics. The poster, devised by Leg, features two fat, naked men in the pose of a Greek statue holding a snooker cue and some darts, instead of a discus or a javelin. This is not the first poster, it is part of a long, popular line of British stereotypical adverts. Gabriel Gaultier, the president of Leg defends the controversial adverts: "They are a homage to English popular culture. The public await the next ads religiously, wondering, "What will they think of next?"" I'm sure English companies are now raking their brains to think of a similar advertisement to return the joke to the French.

Fathers suffer from "baby weight" as well

Mothers have always fretted over the struggles of losing their "baby weight", but it seems that fathers struggle just as much. The lack of sleep, the added stress and the lack of free time which forces them to quit sports increases new-father weight on average by more than a stones, according to a survey from Beneden Healthcare. They also found that 40% of new fathers find themselves incapable of helping around the house, following their day at work because of exhaustion and 1 in 10 had to "gear themselves up" before heading back home.

Jane Eyre turn erotic

Eve Sinclair has rewriting Brontë's Jane Eyre with a slight twist. The book called Jane Eyre laid bare is an erotic version of the classic. It has been desribed by the author as "an erotic version of my favourite classic". The book will be launch as an e-book in August before been released as a paperback. Eve Sinclair says she saw potential in the "smouldering sexual tension" between the book two main characters Jane and Mr Rochester. She has grassed the revival of erotic fiction over the last couple of years, which has coincided with the birth of e-book. Reader, previously embarrassed by having to buy this book in person, can now download them anonymously.

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