The Lady’s Right Royal Jubilee Quiz
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The Lady’s Right Royal Jubilee Quiz

Do you fancy yourself to be a bit of a Royal whizz? Well, fingers on your buzzers and prepare to pitch your wits against James Walton


The Firm: the Royal Family since 1952

1. Who was the American president when the Queen succeeded her father?

2. Which Royal Wedding was the first to be broadcast on television?

3. Where was Prince Charles invested as the Prince of Wales in 1969?

4. For gallantry during which incident on The Mall in 1974 did Inspector James Beaton earn a George Cross?

5. What event of 20 November 1995 precipitated the divorce of the Prince and Princess of Wales?

6. In which year did the Queen Mother die?

7. What role was played in recent Royal history by Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Kenya? 8. Who is currently the fifth in line to the throne?

9. Which former member of the Royal Family is now married to Sandy Pflueger?

10. To which country did the Queen pay a historically significant visit from 17 to 20 May 2011?


Royal Reading: books and monarchs

1. In Lewis Carroll’s Through The Looking Glass, which creature says that the time has come to talk of ‘cabbages and kings’?

2. In which Hans Christian Andersen story does Gerda rescue Kay?

3. In Alfred, Lord Tennyson’s Idylls Of The King, who is the king?

4. Who wrote the 1992 novel The Queen And I, in which the Royal Family is sent to live on a council estate?

5. Whose bestsellers of the past 10 years include The Red Queen, The White Queen and The Other Boleyn Girl?

6. In his book A Child’s History Of England, which monarch does Charles Dickens call ‘one of the most detestable villains that ever drew breath’?

7. Who wrote The Princess Diaries, the bestselling series of 21st-century books for girls?

8. Whose novels include The Dead Zone, Carrie and The Shining?

9. Who wrote The Little Prince?

10. A government clerk called Auberon Quin becomes the king of England in the novel The Napoleon Of Notting Hill, by which author?


From then to now: Britain since 1952

In this round, the first letters of the correct answers in order spell out a word associated with the Queen

1. In a speech of 2001, what did Foreign Secretary Robin Cook call ‘a true British national dish’?

2. Which sitcom spin-off was Britain’s highest-grossing film of 1971?

3. Which home secretary ended theatre censorship and effectively abolished capital punishment?

4. Which 1960s fashion designer was dubbed ‘The King of King’s Road’?

5. Which major British movie star of the 1950s and early 1960s made his film debut in Trouble In Store (1953)?

6. Who was the prime minister after the last general election in which Conservatives won the majority of votes in Scotland?

7. What was introduced by Prime Minister Edward Heath on 1 January 1974 and lasted until 7 March that year?

8. Against which European country did Britain fight two undeclared wars in the 1970s?

9. A stained-glass memorial to which once-controversial writer was unveiled in Poets’ Corner, Westminster Abbey on Valentine’s Day, 1995?

10. When James Prior was sacked as Secretary of State for Employment in 1981, apparently for being too ‘wet’, which more hard-line figure replaced him?


The Royal collection: monarchy and the arts

1. Who played the title role in the film The Madness Of King George?

2. In Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, what is the name of the Queen of the Fairies?

3. Handel’s Music For The Royal Fireworks was composed for which monarch?

4. In Abba’s Dancing Queen, how old is the dancing queen who is the subject of the song?

5. Which queen did Miranda Richardson play in a 1986 TV series?

6. Which King did Peter Wyngarde play in two television series broadcast between 1969 and 1972?

7. In which 1871 opera do the characters include the kings of Ethiopia and Egypt?

8. In which ballet is Princess Odette put under a spell by the evil sorcerer Von Rothbart?

9. For which 2010 film did Tom Hooper win a Best Director Oscar?

10. Which 1960s album ends with the track, Her Majesty?


1066 and All That: British Royal history

1. During whose reign was Thomas Becket murdered in Canterbury Cathedral?

2. Who was the Archbishop of Canterbury during the Abdication Crisis of 1936?

3. Prince Edward, fourth son of George III, was the father of which monarch?

4. Which of the Henrys reigned longest?

5. Who was the last unmarried monarch?

6. Which king was murdered in Berkeley Castle in 1327?

7. Who was the first monarch of Great Britain?

8. During whose reign was the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha renamed the House of Windsor?

9. Which historic Royal event took place on 30 January 1649?

10. Henry V and Charles II had one each; Henry VIII had three; no other monarch has had any – although one is likely to in the 21st century. What does this refer to?


Street Party time: eat, drink and be merry All the answers contain the name of a food or drink

1. Who called Lord Byron ‘mad, bad and dangerous to know’?

2. Who made his most famous (or infamous) TV broadcast on 15 October 1987?

3. What’s the common name for the disease varicella?

4. Which Ealing comedy is set on the fictional Scottish island of Todday?

5. What’s the longest river in South Africa?

6. Who was Hillary Clinton’s predecessor as the US Secretary of State?

7. Which TV sitcom featured the Boswell family? 8. What invention was patented by Eli Whitney in 1794?

9. The members of which 1960s supergroup were Jack Bruce, Ginger Baker and Eric Clapton?

10. The last chapter of which 1959 memoir begins: ‘The last days of my childhood were also the last days of the village. I belonged to that generation which saw, by chance, the end of a thousand years’ life. The change came late to our Cotswold valley’?

James Walton’s Sonnets, Bonnets and Bennetts: A Literary Quiz Book (Faber, £12.99).



1. Harry S Truman

2. Princess Margaret and Antony Armstrong-Jones (1960)

3. Caernarfon Castle

4. The attempted kidnapping of Princess Anne (now the Princess Royal)

5. Broadcast of the Panorama interview with Diana, Princess of Wales

6. 2002

7. Where Prince William proposed to Catherine Middleton

8. Princess Beatrice of York

9. Mark Phillips

10. Republic of Ireland


1. The walrus

2. The Snow Queen

3. King Arthur

4. Sue Townsend

5. Philippa Gregory

6. Henry VIII

7. Meg Cabot

8. Stephen King

9. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

10. GK Chesterton


The word is Coronation

1. Chicken tikka masala

2. On The Buses

3. Roy Jenkins

4. Ossie Clark 5. Norman Wisdom

6. (Sir) Anthony Eden (1955)

7. Three-day week

8. Iceland (two Cod Wars)

9. Oscar Wilde

10. Norman Tebbit


1. Nigel Hawthorne

2. Titania

3. George II

4. 17 (‘Young and sweet, only 17’)

5. Elizabeth I in Blackadder II

6. Novelist/sleuth Jason King (Department S and Jason King)

7. Aida

8. Swan Lake

9. The King’s Speech

10. Abbey Road (The Beatles)


1. Henry II

2. Cosmo Lang

3. Queen Victoria

4. Henry III (56 years)

5. Edward VIII

6. Edward II

7. Queen Anne (following the union with Scotland)

8. George V (1917)

9. The execution of Charles I

10. Wives called Catherine


1. Lady Caroline Lamb

2. Michael Fish (dismissing the idea that a hurricane was on its way the night of the Great Storm)

3. Chickenpox

4. Whisky Galore!

5. The Orange River

6. Condoleezza Rice

7. Bread

8. The cotton gin

9. Cream

10. Cider With Rosie by Laurie Lee

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