Tuesday, 17 April 2012

What my mother taught me…

Curiosity. Kindness. Hard work. On Mother’s Day, the vital life lessons we learnt from Mum

Written by Melonie

Singer turned fashion designer PEARL LOWE, daughter of Leila... To have a strong work ethic

Regardless of the fact my father had enough money to support us all, my Mum always worked. She loved to buy things for my brother and me without having to answer to my Dad. I'm definitely like her.

Australian actor and tap dancer ADAM GARCIA, son of Jean... To remain curious

My mother taught me always to explore and trust my instincts. She's an itinerant person and she really instilled in me a sense of curiosity about everything.

Actress PENELOPE CRUZ, daughter of Encarna (left)... The value of what I have

I learned from her how complicated and wonderful we women can be. I have learned to value everything I have – and thank my mother and father, Eduardo, for that.


Singer ALFIE BOE, son of Pat ... To just go for it

My mother always said, 'go forit Alf', don't be frightened, because if you don't go for it you'll never know what could have been.

The Lady's Editor, MATT WARREN, son of Ann Carter ... The importance of hard work

My mother has been all sorts of things in her life: a nanny (through The Lady, in fact), a civil servant, a shop worker, a painter, and a cleaner in a number of grand houses, but has never been well-paid, often making barely more than the minimum wage. Despite this, whatever she has been tasked with, she has always done it with the same care, love and thoroughness.

Matt Mother Grandmother

The Lady's PR and marketing manager EDWINA LANGLEY, daughter of Diana ... The value of manners

I find myself thanking someone, or apologizing for myself,

at most points during the day. Manner-teaching started from the moment I could talk; I am certain 'please' was my first word. Elbows were never on the table and talking with my mouth full was strictly forbidden. I find things generally go wrong when I forget manners, and mostly go right when I remember them.

The Lady's book editor DAISY LEITCH, daughter of Rosie Boycott  ... EVERYTHING


My mother taught me how to cook her 'never-failrecipes', handed down from my grandmother. She taught me the essential skills of beach life, such as how to swim, how to look for crabs under seaweed and how to build elaborate sand castles. Also, how to ride a horse and how to build miniature gardens in cardboard boxes. And she taught me pretty much everything else I know, to boot.


The Lady's editorial assistant, LENA DUNKIN, daughter of Jackie Philpot ... To just get on with it

My mother taught me that all the things she made me do 'for my own good' – such as wear hideous width-fi tting shoes, brush my teeth, respect my elders – I wouldn't understand until I had children of my own so I should 'just get on with it'. She was, as always, right, for which I love and thank her.

The Lady's web editor KATY PEARSON, daughter of Marion Walford ... That nothing is unachievable

I didn't play mummies and daddies as a small child. Instead, I played going to business meetings. I grew up believing women didn't do the cooking or cleaning because they were too busy running the world. My mother is a vicar. She has a degree, she has beaten breast cancer. She gave birth to triplets (and me). She was a business manager and has predicted international stockmarkets. And the list continues... My belief that you can be whatever you want to be (with a bit of hard work) comes from the shining example my Mum set – and continues to set.


The Lady's assistant web editor FIONA HICKS, daughter of Tessa ... The value of kindness

There are the things that I initially resented, but have now come to love – just as she told me I would. Such as, always writing thank-you letters, being patient, and never going back on my word. Perhaps the most important bit of wisdom she passed on to me was that kindness is the most valuable human trait. Thanks to my Mum, I am fortunate to be surrounded by people who are full of it.

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