Tuesday, 05 March 2013

Men Three Times More Likely to Lie than Women

And most common lies include ‘you look really nice’ and ‘sorry, I had no signal’

Written by Katy Pearson
A new study has revealed men are three times as likely to lie as women, with the average man lying three times every single day – or more than 1,000 times each year.

In comparison, the study of of 2,531 adults found that the average woman lies just once each day.

The survey by secret sales website www.HushHush.com found just 5% of people tell the truth ‘at all times’. The majority (52%) of men said that they lied three times a day on average; whilst one in seven (14%) said that they lied more than five times each day on average.

In contrast, almost three fifths of women (57%) said they lied once each day on average, with just 17% going as far as to say they lied three times per day.

When asked ‘What lie do you most regularly tell?’, the survey found that women are most likely to lie about their emotions, with 27% admitting that their most regular lie was ‘I’m fine’. The most common lie men tell, with 45% admitting to doing so most regularly, was that they’d done something they were supposed to have done but hadn’t.

Five most common lies told by men:
  • Yes, I’ve done it- 45% (of respondents admitted to regularly telling this lie) 
  • Sorry, I had no signal- 41%
  • I’m on my way- 39%
  • I didn’t see you’d called/texted- 35%
  • I don’t look at other women- 30%

Five most common lies told by women:

  • I'm fine- 27%
  • I’m on my way- 26%
  • It was on sale- 24%
  • You look really nice- 19%
  • Sorry, I had no signal- 16%

71% of all respondents said that they regularly lied to friends, family members and colleagues in order to spare the other person’s feelings. The survey asked respondents who they lied to most regularly, and found that men and women are both most likely to lie to a manager or boss, with 31% admitting that they lied at work most regularly. Family members and partners were the second and third most lied to groups overall, with 27% and 22% respectively saying they weren’t always truthful to loved ones. Just 9% of women said they regularly lied to their friends. In contrast, 41% of men said they regularly lied to their friends.

Women are most likely to feel guilty after lying according to the results, with 62% saying a lie ate away at their conscience, compared to just 23% of men who said the same. When asked why they felt compelled to lie, the most popular answer for 52% of men taking part was that they wanted an ‘easier life’ and felt being economical with the truth helped them achieve this, whilst 71% of women said they lied most often to hide their thoughts or feelings.

Mark Pearson, founder of HushHush.com said: "It’s widely assumed that women could be seen as the more gossipy sex, but according to our results men are much more likely to fib, seemingly in pursuit of an easier life. It seems honesty is rare these days."

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