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Dancing On The Edge
There are some weeks when, frankly, it’s a bit of a struggle to find something new in the television schedule that I can recommend to your attention. And then there’s this week. Dancing On The Edge (scheduled for 4 February on BBC Two) is a big, shiny,...
Film Review: 11 May
AT CINEMAS NOW A bunch of plastic flowers A chance to bloom is lost in this weak arrangement DAMSELS IN DISTRESS Never one to hurry, director Whit Stillman (The Last Days Of Disco, Metropolitan) steers his fourth feature into harbour 13 years after his...
Film Review: 15 June
THE DICTATOR Just for a while there as Sacha Baron Cohen tenderly kissed a woman's hairy armpit the fearful thought arose that the man was getting soft on us. But no, it's OK; The Dictator is certainly a far more conventional film than Borat or Brüno...
Film Review: 20 July
THE FIVE-YEAR ENGAGEMENT Interesting how one's perception of actors can change. I first became aware of Emily Blunt in The Devil Wears Prada wherein, as Meryl Streep's assistant, she had unbecoming reddish hair and not very good make-up. She seemed...
Film Review: 31 August
THE BOURNE LEGACY Same old, same old – a sequel too far. Which is not to say that this is a bad film; once you decide there's not much point in trying to make head or tail of the plot it's really quite entertaining. But essentially it's a rehash of the...
Film Review: 27 April
Secrets of Sesame Street... AT CINEMAS NOW BEING ELMO: A PUPPETEER'S JOURNEY Anyone who saw The Muppets movie in February will attest to the happiness that the multicoloured puppets scatter in their wake, and this nippy documentary about Kevin Clash,...
Film Review: 4 May
AT CINEMAS NOW Turning a daft idea into gold Heart-warming, with a classy cast, this is good old-fashioned entertainment The critics have been rather sniffy about this one, much as they were with Love Actually, sucking their teeth reprovingly over the...
Film Review: 18 May
BEAUTY AND THE BEAST 3D Given the phenomenal success of Avengers Assemble (reviewed by Barry Norman next week), executives at Disney could quite easily spend the next few years lolling around in fancy chairs, throwing money into the air rather than...
Film Review: 22 June
PROMETHEUS Just before Christmas 2093, the eponymous spaceship Prometheus, about the size of a small castle, lands on a far, far distant planet. Its mission: to discover the origin of human life, no less. But don't get too excited; by the end, before...
Film Review: 27 July
SEEKING A FRIEND FOR THE END OF THE WORLD Until approximately a fortnight ago, the absolute last people I could have stood hanging out with while the world came to an abrupt end were Steve Carell and Keira Knightley. After seeing this, the jury's still...
Film Review: 3 August
THE DARK KNIGHT RISES So that's the end of Batman. Well, it is until someone else kick starts the series all over again. But I imagine that will be some years down the line because the final part of director Christopher Nolan's trilogy wraps things up...
Film Review: 10 August
THE LORAX Excepting the one whose name we dare not speak (Mike Myers's disastrous The Cat In The Hat, may it forever rest in peace in charity-shop bargain bins), Dr Seuss's zany children's books have generally had a good pageto- screen transformation....
Film Review: 17 August
MAGIC MIKE This is surely what they call a 'woman's picture'. I make that judgement based on the audience with which I saw it. There were only two men in the cinema. The women ignored us both, no doubt assuming that we must be gay – otherwise why would...
Film Review: 24 August
BRAVE My mother and I have been to the cinema together once – it was Love Actually and while my brother and father screamed joyfully through some action flick next door, we cried surreptitiously under a thick layer of popcorn. It's a shame that we've...
Film review: 20 April
What is it with these Scandiwegians? For decades Americans led the way in writing crime fiction but in recent years they've been overtaken by such Swedes as Henning Mankell and Stieg Larsson and now the Norwegian Jo Nesbø. (Actually I have my doubts...
Film reviews: 30 March
After the ongoing hysteria surrounding Twilight, you'd be forgiven for ignoring new teenbooks- turned-films in favour of a G&T and a Borgen boxset. But dismiss this dystopian drama at your peril. For it is, quite simply, terrific. Suzanne Collins's hit...
The Book Thief
The trick when watching a movie based on a popular novel is to forget comparisons with the book and simply ask yourself: Does this work as a film? In the present case that was easy for me because I haven’t read Markus Zusak’s novel but I still asked...
Fifty years after the traumatic assassination that shook the world it is hard to imagine that anyone could produce a film about it (especially a docudrama) that would not induce a sense of déjà vu, if not a yawn. As someone who remembers exactly where...
The Zero Theorem
When Terry Gilliam and I were governors of the British Film Institute we sat together at committee meetings, doodling. I hid my doodles because they were childlike; his, of course, were bloody brilliant. But then as he showed with his drawings for...
Based on Claude-Michel Schönberg and Alain Boublil’s musical version of the Victor Hugo novel, which became a worldwide smash after Cameron Mackintosh brought it to Britain, Les Mis’s classic tale of romance, morality and crushing poverty in...

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