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Dancing On The Edge
There are some weeks when, frankly, it’s a bit of a struggle to find something new in the television schedule that I can recommend to your attention. And then there’s this week. Dancing On The Edge (scheduled for 4 February on BBC Two) is a big, shiny,...
Radio Review: 18 October
When Granada Television was launched in 1956, its opening night programmes included a half-hour tribute to the BBC. Something of the same stripe happened on Radio 4’s PM last week to mark the 40th anniversary of independent local radio (ILR ) in the...
Radio Review: 21 September
A combined review and preview this week, as Radio In A Roundabout Way was transmitted originally on August Bank Holiday Monday but is getting another outing this coming Sunday. Before local radio reached the east of England, the area's interests –...
Radio Review: 18 January
I considered writing about Nick Clegg’s radio phone-in debut this week, but it would have involved listening to LBC, something no human being should ever do. The combination of LBC and Clegg, whom I regard as one of the most baleful influences on...
Radio Review: 7 December
My mother was a 1960s teenager, and when BBC Radio 1 launched, it was aimed squarely at her. Recent allegations (not ‘revelations’, as we are told – nothing has yet been proven) about much-loved broadcasters, have caused her considerable and genuine...
Radio Review: 14 June
Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse have a lot to answer for. Twenty odd years ago, Smashie and Nicey made BBC Radio 1 boot the likes of Simon Bates and Dave Lee Travis out on their earphones. While some of the veterans are currently, er, resting, others...
Bringing joy to the world
If, at any point, you find yourself moaning about the rubbish on television over the festive season (and having looked at the schedules, I really wouldn’t blame you), there’s always the wireless. The best news for discerning listeners this Christmas is...
Radio Review: 19 July
Fashions change. In a fortnight’s time, we’ll all be looking back at pictures of ourselves now, and laughing at our outmoded hairstyles. So, this being a double issue, it makes more sense to preview some radio highlights in the coming 14 days, than to...
Radio Review: 4 July
As much of a Monty Python fan as I am (and I’m quite a big fan), I won’t be attending any of the reunion shows at the O2. I just wasn’t struck by the idea of spending north of £100 to stand at one end of a glorified velodrome, watching a distant ant...
Radio Reviews: 27 July
When Anneka Rice went Treasure Hunt-ing on Channel 4 in the 1980s, she needed a helicopter. In recent years, a few BBC local radio stations have revived the idea, if not the title. Instead of a helicopter, presenters have ventured out in the 'radio...
Radio Review: 22 February
I follow my local BBC radio station on Twitter. The other morning, they tweeted that they would be ‘finding out after 11.30, what’s more calorific: real ale or wine?’ Now, I like wine a great deal, and I am, frankly, obsessed with proper beer to the...
Radio Review: 28 September
Even if you're not interested in current events, radio news bulletins perform a useful service. They allow the listener time to reach the radio in order to switch networks when a programme they can't stand is about to start. From noon until drivetime,...
Radio Reveiws: 29 June
The proposed cutbacks in BBC local radio sadden me hugely. The best local and regional radio presenters connect with their listeners on a level that those on the network can only dream about. When I moved to the East Anglian coast a decade ago, I...
Radio Review: 15 March
I feel I should say at the outset that I like Alyn Shipton. As a jazz musician himself, he brings knowledge and experience to his broadcasts. The only problem I have, is that he’s not Geoffrey Smith, whose laid-back ‘Helloooooo’ at the start of Jazz...
Radio Review: 2 November
My cautious enthusiasm for the BBC local radio stations in my new neck of the woods has not lasted. There are some gems in the evening and weekend schedules, and I hope they’ll last past January, when the local radio cuts start to have their hideous...
Radio Review: 26 October
Having finally managed to unpack an analogue radio following my recent house move, I have begun to acquaint myself with BBC local radio stations near my patch. I admit to sniggering when Malcolm Boyden announced on his BBC Hereford & Worcester Sunday...
Radio Review: 25 October
It’s easy to take such things for granted, but I hope I never lose a sense of wonder about the fact that I can sit at home in Gloucestershire on a Thursday afternoon listening to something that went out on BBC Radio Cumbria the previous Sunday. I’m...
Radio Reviews: 10 August
If I ever host a radio phone-in, the first topic I'll want to discuss is whether the people who give their opinion on such programmes should be allowed access to telecommunications equipment. Mean-spirited, ill-informed and never troubled by...
Radio Review: 8 March
If you want to get a documentary commissioned by Radio 2, find a celebrity presenter. Never mind the subject, you won’t get anywhere unless a famous name is attached. This curious policy was explained to me by a friend who writes radio documentaries,...
Radio Reviews: 27 April
Laugh till it hurts Radio 4 has discovered its funny bone, but be warned... it can be painful There is a time and a place for radio comedy. I discovered this when I made the mistake of listening to a National Theatre of Brent production while under...

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