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Dancing On The Edge
There are some weeks when, frankly, it’s a bit of a struggle to find something new in the television schedule that I can recommend to your attention. And then there’s this week. Dancing On The Edge (scheduled for 4 February on BBC Two) is a big, shiny,...
Radio Review: 7 September
Sometimes the trailer is enough. I knew that Jonathan Myerson's contribution to Radio 4's Afternoon Drama strand would be terrible, simply from hearing the 30-second taster. However, I'm glad that morbid curiosity led me to listen. If I hadn't, I...
Radio Review: 14 September
The announcers on BBC Radio 4 are a big part of what makes the network special. So when I heard the news that Harriet Cass and Charlotte Green are leaving next year, having taken voluntary redundancy, I nearly dropped my mug of coffee in shock. I live...
Radio Review: 21 September
A combined review and preview this week, as Radio In A Roundabout Way was transmitted originally on August Bank Holiday Monday but is getting another outing this coming Sunday. Before local radio reached the east of England, the area's interests –...
Radio Review: 28 September
Even if you're not interested in current events, radio news bulletins perform a useful service. They allow the listener time to reach the radio in order to switch networks when a programme they can't stand is about to start. From noon until drivetime,...
Radio Review: 5 October
I should have learned by now that listening to radio comedy on public transport is fraught with danger. Particularly if you have a raucous bellowing laugh like what I do. The looks I've received couldn't be much worse if I were sitting there naked and...
Radio Review: 2 November
My cautious enthusiasm for the BBC local radio stations in my new neck of the woods has not lasted. There are some gems in the evening and weekend schedules, and I hope they’ll last past January, when the local radio cuts start to have their hideous...
Radio Review: 23 November
It might not be obvious, but as it turns 90, the BBC still has a lot to celebrate. The commemorations have been oddly muted, though, and as they must have been planned well in advance of the current brouhaha breaking, it must be deliberate policy....
Radio Review: 30 November
There is a regrettable tendency among modern sophisticates to view all old comedy as coarse and unfunny. This is unfair. Robb Wilton and Jimmy James were brilliant and are timeless. Certainly there were duffers around in the music hall era, but the...
Radio Review: 7 December
My mother was a 1960s teenager, and when BBC Radio 1 launched, it was aimed squarely at her. Recent allegations (not ‘revelations’, as we are told – nothing has yet been proven) about much-loved broadcasters, have caused her considerable and genuine...
Radio Review: 4 January
The Guardian parliamentary sketch-writer, the late Norman Shrapnel, was once asked why he never socialised with politicians. He replied that it might spoil the purity of his hatred. It’s an amusingly extreme version of a conundrum that critics of all...
Radio Review: 11January
My festive listening has dealt a blow, possibly fatal, to my capacity to be surprised. There I was in the kitchen on Christmas Day, listening to BBC Radio 4 Extra’s Cue! Eric Sykes festival. One programme featured Sykes’s 1999 appearance on With Great...
Radio Review: 18 January
I considered writing about Nick Clegg’s radio phone-in debut this week, but it would have involved listening to LBC, something no human being should ever do. The combination of LBC and Clegg, whom I regard as one of the most baleful influences on...
Radio Review: 8 February
There’s been a lot of talk about the right to offend. A right that I support completely, but only if the right to be offended is also acknowledged. You can say anything you like, but only if you realise that others have the right to challenge you on...
Radio Review: 15 February
It came as no surprise to me when Doris Stokes was exposed as an appalling old fraud. Among her tricks was to place associates in the queue outside the theatre, earwigging and priming her with the names they had picked up. Obviously I’m not suggesting...
Radio Review: 8 March
If you want to get a documentary commissioned by Radio 2, find a celebrity presenter. Never mind the subject, you won’t get anywhere unless a famous name is attached. This curious policy was explained to me by a friend who writes radio documentaries,...
Radio Review: 15 March
I feel I should say at the outset that I like Alyn Shipton. As a jazz musician himself, he brings knowledge and experience to his broadcasts. The only problem I have, is that he’s not Geoffrey Smith, whose laid-back ‘Helloooooo’ at the start of Jazz...
Radio Review: 22 March
The concept of guilty pleasures is alien to me. As Marie Lloyd sang, ‘If I likes a thing, I likes it, that’s enough.’ There are things, though, that make people raise their eyebrows if you admit to them. As a teenager in the 1980s, I was an obsessive...
Radio Review: 5 April
We live in a wonderful age. Most of the editions of Desert Island Discs in the archives can now be heard online. As an avid recordist and hoarder, this level of access to our broadcast heritage gladdens my heart. This isn’t the only show receiving such...
Radio Review: 12 April
I own a lot of LPs. Not as many as John Peel had but, when it came to moving house last year, it felt like more than enough. Some of them are special and wonderful. Others are terrible old rubbish. Over the years, charity shops have kept me supplied...

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Boarders Dormitory Master-Mistress
We are looking to appoint a Dormitory Mistress/Master for 5 nights per week, weekday evenings and nights only, term time. (35 weeks). [...]


Housekeeper to Headmaster
We have an opportunity for an experienced live-out housekeeper. You will provide a cleaning and hospitality service for the Headmaster and his guests and help to ensure the household runs efficiently. [...]


Full Time Housekeeper, Nanny
We are looking for a full time, live-out housekeeper/nanny. We are a relaxed young couple living in a large country house, and will have one newborn baby. [...]


Experienced Carer, Companion, Housekeeper needed
Our elderly mother needs a live in carer/companion on a part time basis. Must be warm hearted, calm & compassionate, with a good sense of humour. [...]


Live-in Housekeeper
Our client is looking for a very capable, experienced individual to become the new housekeeper at their 6 bedroom, rural home. [...]




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