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What are your plans this summer? Perhaps an evening at the opera? Maybe you might like to invite a friend along and enjoy something chilled before and during? In which case, you may need to mortgage the dog. Or you could book tickets for one of the...
The National Archives boasts many treasures, but today a timely gem is unveiled, and with it a unique insight into our wartime history. The file, official reference number IR 59/865, contains the Estate Duty records of Guy Gibson, VC, DSO, DFC, the man...
Never one to shy away from making light of our darker sides, Alan Ayckbourn is always best when playing with the lives of middleaged married couples. First premiered in Scarborough in 1965, Relatively Speaking is a classic example of Ayckbourn at his...
Agatha Christie once quipped: ‘An archaeologist is the best husband a woman can have. The older she gets the more interested he is in her.’ Sadly, as most older actresses will attest, the world is not made up of fossil fanciers. The spotlight loves a...
As an artist, LS Lowry was almost totally defined by his propensity to make everyone look thin. Stick-like, even. But as a man, he was defi ned by his mother (although if Freud is to be believed, we all are). ‘I haven’t been happy since 1868,’ Mrs...
Perfect Nonsense
Farce can be, well, farcical. A peculiarly English affliction that can make lesser mortals wish they had booked an aisle seat. To define PG Wodehouse as pure farce would, I suspect, encourage a barrage of letters from betterinformed fans but in this...
When the Second World War ended in 1945 the divisions between the haves and havenots increased considerably. In the three years following victory, rationing and price control were harsher than at any time. Those lucky enough to own a car discovered it...
In 1956 Terence Rattigan announced that he, along with Coward and Priestley, was effectively ‘sacked by the critics’. The 1960s had started earlier than expected at the Royal Court and John Osborne’s gritty drama, Look Back In Anger, had turned the...
Theatre Reviews: 6 July
THE SUNSHINE BOYS Not since Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau played the dysfunctional pair of old men forced to live together in Neil Simon's film classic The Odd Couple, have audiences had a chance to see such an awesome coupling as Richard Griffiths...
Theatre Review: 3 August
CHARIOTS OF FIRE It isn't unheard of to leave the theatre humming the score; and who could resist Vangelis at his finest? But it is rare to leave resolving to become a better person, or at least a fitter one. Mike Bartlett's aweinspiring stage adaption...
Oscar Wilde is a fulsome character for any actor to embrace, but Rupert Everett has the advantage of living closer to his legacy than most. This month sees the publication of his latest memoir, Vanished Years, a book stocked full of bon mots worthy of...
It is hardly a surprise to discover that Brian Friel's adaptation of this dark Ibsen classic has a luminous, starry quality to it. His 1990 hit Dancing At Lughnasa was a disarming crowd-pleaser and as soon as the curtain rises on his Old Vic...
Time, as physicists are fond of saying, is merely a construct; although some plays can make it feel like an absolute eternity. Nick Payne’s brilliant new drama, swiftly transferred from the Royal Court, is not one of them. Occupying only 70 minutes of...
In the 1960s, David Hockney gave up on our grey skies and headed for California. The result gave us his Splash series of paintings, and in particular, A Bigger Splash – the iconic canvas that lends its name to this exhibition. The flat, acrylic surface...
It is possible that Stephen Daldry has created a trend that has so far defied even the Queen’s unquestionable powers – corgi ‘coo’ appeal. Guided by Peter Morgan’s majestic script, Lizzy and Rocky perform their royal duties with aplomb. As if they were...
The Gruffalo
It is the little story that punches above its weight. Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler’s 700-word children’s book has sold more than 10.5 million copies and been adapted for stages from the West End to the Sydney Opera House – proof that everyone has...
The Duck House
Sir Peter Viggers, the ex-MP for Gosport in Hampshire, adored his ducks, apparently. So much so that he bought them a ‘Stockholm’ duck house, a glorious 5ft floating palace in the middle of his duck pond so that they could shelter from the rain and...
Strangers on a train
Patricia Highsmith’s 1950 noir thriller has long been overshadowed by Alfred Hitchcock’s chilling film adaptation a year later, but true fans will be pleased to discover that Craig Warner’s theatrical adaptation has principally stuck with threads of...
The Lod Mosaic
The Lod Mosaic In 1996, a group of manual workers were digging up a road. So far, so normal, even if the road was in the Israeli city of Lod. As the Kango drills battered the scorched concrete they hit resistance: 1,700 years of resistance, in fact....
Making Colour
What is colour? Or rather, where did it come from? Such existential questions are usually the preserve of earnest young art students toying with the dynamics of Isaac Newton’s 17th-century prism experiment. As anyone who had been paying attention at...

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Boarders Dormitory Master-Mistress
We are looking to appoint a Dormitory Mistress/Master for 5 nights per week, weekday evenings and nights only, term time. (35 weeks). [...]


Housekeeper to Headmaster
We have an opportunity for an experienced live-out housekeeper. You will provide a cleaning and hospitality service for the Headmaster and his guests and help to ensure the household runs efficiently. [...]


Full Time Housekeeper, Nanny
We are looking for a full time, live-out housekeeper/nanny. We are a relaxed young couple living in a large country house, and will have one newborn baby. [...]


Experienced Carer, Companion, Housekeeper needed
Our elderly mother needs a live in carer/companion on a part time basis. Must be warm hearted, calm & compassionate, with a good sense of humour. [...]


Cook, Housekeeper wanted
Good cooking skills required to cater for light meals for the Principal and a small staff, as well as occasional lunch/dinner parties. [...]




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