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Radio Review: 15 August
It’s good to hear BBC Radio 4 Extra delving into the musicdocumentary archives, even if it means treading on 6 Music’s toes. In particular, it was a delight to hear Sampledelica! again, a history of the Mellotron hosted by Mark Radcliffe and first...
Radio Review: 8 August
Listening to Robert Elms’s afternoon show on BBC London invariably leaves me better informed, even on subjects where I like to think I have a bit of knowledge. For example, until Elms’s recent conversation with beer expert Jane Peyton, I didn’t know...
Radio Review: 1 August
Radio is a wonderful and efficient method of disseminating information to thousands, even millions of people. It can convey high concepts in art, news of brutal conflicts, or just advice on what not to put in the dishwasher. BBC WM’s afternoon...
The What, Where, When: 18 July
WHAT: Marlborough Jazz Festival . A summer jazz festival with over 90 performances- showcases both new talent and established acts. WHERE: Various venues, Marlborough, Wiltshire WHEN: 18-20 July WHAT: BBC Proms. The world...
Radio Review: 18 July
Now in his seventh series as Radio 4’s tongue-in-cheek private investigator, Steve Punt turned his attention last week to the 1928 disappearance of Belgian tycoon Alfred Loewenstein. During a flight on his private Fokker VII , Loewenstein nipped to the...
Radio Review: 11 July
The trouble with a lot of BBC Radio 2 documentaries is that they are often presented by random celebrities who seem to know little and care less about the subject. That could never be said of Danny Baker, a broadcaster of experience, a man of great...
Radio Review: 4 July
As much of a Monty Python fan as I am (and I’m quite a big fan), I won’t be attending any of the reunion shows at the O2. I just wasn’t struck by the idea of spending north of £100 to stand at one end of a glorified velodrome, watching a distant ant...
Radio Review: 27 June
When it was announced that Hull would be the UK ’s City of Culture for 2017, some scoffed. Not I. Anywhere that can claim Philip Larkin (born in Coventry, but a Hull resident for half his life), Alan Plater (born in Jarrow, but raised in Hull) and The...
Radio Review: 20 June
This could get confusing. It’s a preview of a radio programme about television, in a series that normally tackles the world of film. Nonetheless, Howard Goodall’s Classic FM show Saturday Night At The Movies is worth a listen. For one week only,...
Radio Review: 13 June
When Danny Baker left BBC London in 2012, he described the bosses who had edged him out as ‘pinhead weasels’. It’s evidently a style of management that ensures advancement in the BBC, judging by the bizarre and clueless decision to move Alex Lester to...
Radio Review: 6 June
BBC Radio 3 has an annual budget of £52.5m, and an audience of two million. The cost-of-everything value-of nothing eejits always seem to moan about the cost per listener, but serious music is serious business, and it costs a lot to do it properly. If...
Radio Review: 30 May
In the normal run of things, a journalist challenging a politician shouldn’t be a remarkable event. In terms of news values, it’s very much dog bites man. However, I’ve got so used to people who should know better and try harder indulging in chummy...
The Daily: May 23
Battle of Hastings Skull Discovered Experts from the University of Edinburgh have now dated a skull, first discovered in 1994, to between 1035 – 1091, and believe it to be an Anglo-Saxon victim of William the Conqueror's army, who died fighting the...
Radio Review: 23 May
Some things are better on the radio and one of them is the Eurovision Song Contest. No disrespect to Graham Norton, who’s done a grand job replacing Sir Terry Wogan on the TV, but if you want insight and wry humour, Ken Bruce’s Radio 2 commentary is...
WHAT OUR CLIENTS ARE SAYING Having used "Domestic agencies” quite a lot, I must say that it has been a really refreshing experience talking to you and your colleagues at The Lady. I have found you to be really kind and helpful. MW It was so good and...
Radio Review: 16 May
This week’s random local radio encounter comes from BBC Radio Bristol via BBC Somerset, heard briefly in a car crossing Minchinhampton Common before the signal was lost on the descent from Tom Long’s Post. Steve Yabsley was interviewing Clive Wilson,...
Radio Review: 9 May
If there isn’t a department at the BBC dealing solely with programmes about the BBC, there should be. On TV, W1A has just finished, and chums inside Broadcasting House assured me that everything that seemed outlandishly comic was actually thoroughly...
Radio Review: 2 May
To return to a recurring theme, technology is a wonderful thing. When regular radio broadcasting began in the 1920s, it was all live and listeners were tied to large teak boxes at home. Nowadays, I can download preview copies of programmes that haven’t...
Radio Review: 25 April
Radio is at its best when it surprises you. Last week, returning from a family shopping trip, the car radio RDS threw up a BBC Hereford & Worcester travel report, and then stayed on the station for the start of the following item. It was an earnest...
Radio Review: 11 April
Over the Easter weekend, from 9am to 9pm each day, Classic FM will be dominated by its Hall of Fame, a countdown of the listeners’ favourite 300 pieces of music. Now in its 14th year, the chart culminates in the announcement of the new number one by...

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