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The Daily: June 10
Rik Mayall dies aged 56 Rik Mayall, star of The Young Ones and The New Statesman, has died aged 56 at his London home. He was found by his wife Barbara Robbin yesterday afternoon. Speaking outside their home in Barnes, south-west London, Ms Robbins...
Could 10 days REA LLY change my life?
In the current parlance of body shape, I am 'skinny fat'. I look fine with my clothes on, but a flabby horror without. I do a lot of running, but no weights. So I have a strong heart and lungs, but rubbish muscle tone. Plus, I take the five-a-day fruit...
7 Reasons why stress is something you shouldn’t ignore
Stress can prevent you sleeping When left to build-up, stress can wreak havoc with your sleep, in some cases even leading to insomnia. The importance of sleep to both our physical and mental health is paramount. Severe lack of sleep can lead to...
No bones about it
Until now osteoporosis has been known as the 'silent disease' because it has no symptoms and can remain undiagnosed until a bone is fractured. This is set to change with the new at-home Osentia screening test which assesses your risk of fragility...
The Christmas Book Guide: Part Two
FOOD AND DRINK THE GREAT BRITISH BAKE OFF: CELEBRATIONS by Linda Collister (Hodder & Stoughton, £20; offer price, £16.50) It’s the TV cookery programme we can’t get enough of, and its latest book doesn’t disappoint. This selection of sweet and savoury...
Supplements often get bad press, with people believing you can get the nutrients and vitamins you need from your diet alone. As much as this has some truth to it, the reality is that we don't eat as well as we should. Our lives are busy, full of...
Purrfect pussy poems...Our other entries
Cat Meeiaaawww, Her door is opened, Cat saunters in Purring her thanks. With arched back, Straight up tail, The leg rubbing Ritual begins Breakfast is prepared The offering is set Before the queen Who eyes it from a distance, Tiptoes over, sniffs,...
Book Reviews: 4 September
OUT NOW THE MOOR’S ACCOUNT by Laila Lalami (Periscope, £9.99; offer price, £9.49) In the actual surviving account of the 16thcentury Spanish expedition to the New World led by Pánfilo de Narváez, there is a brief reference to Mustafa – the protagonist...
Book Reviews: 13 January
OUT NOW NINE LOVE LETTERS by Gerald Jacobs (Quartet, £20) This debut novel is a genre-twisting tour de force – a grand dynastic epic in the style of García Márquez, yet at the same time an exquisitely nuanced study of love and loss, and a primer on...
Book Reviews: 11 November
OUT NOW THE RIVIERA SET by Mary S Lovell (Little, Brown, £25) Renowned for her biographies of great figures from the 20th century, Lovell has now focused her attention on a building: the modernist Château de l’Horizon at Vallauris on the French...
It’s a sad, sad situation
Winter is icummen in/ Lhude sing Goddamm/ Raineth drop and staineth slop/ And how the wind doth ramm! Sing: Goddam./ Skiddeth bus and sloppeth us/ An ague hath my ham/ Freezeth river, turneth liver/ Damn you; sing: Goddamm That's winter – as...
YOUR HEALTH Dr James Le Fanu: 24 August
My most recent visit to the optician ended, as is now customary, with a puff of air to the eyeballs which, by ingeniously measuring the pressure within, identifies those at risk of glaucoma. It is difficult to imagine a more useful test whose apparent...
Book Reviews: 20 June
OUT NOW A SONG FOR ISSY BRADLEY by Carys Bray (Hutchinson, £12.99; offer price, £11.69) A Mormon family has its beliefs tested to the limit following the death of the youngest child, Issy. The other family members are forced to confront their religious...
The Young And Prodigious T.S. Spivet
Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s beautiful, bright palette is the perfect fit for a children’s film. Amélie, the director’s major calling card, may as well be one (without the bonking), and that film’s sense of wonder runs through T.S. Spivet, like the Montana...

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Boarders Dormitory Master-Mistress
We are looking to appoint a Dormitory Mistress/Master for 5 nights per week, weekday evenings and nights only, term time. (35 weeks). [...]


Housekeeper to Headmaster
We have an opportunity for an experienced live-out housekeeper. You will provide a cleaning and hospitality service for the Headmaster and his guests and help to ensure the household runs efficiently. [...]


Full Time Housekeeper, Nanny
We are looking for a full time, live-out housekeeper/nanny. We are a relaxed young couple living in a large country house, and will have one newborn baby. [...]


Experienced Carer, Companion, Housekeeper needed
Our elderly mother needs a live in carer/companion on a part time basis. Must be warm hearted, calm & compassionate, with a good sense of humour. [...]


Cook, Housekeeper wanted
Good cooking skills required to cater for light meals for the Principal and a small staff, as well as occasional lunch/dinner parties. [...]




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