Modern Manners

The Lady Guide to Modern Manners: 12 September

Sports Day

Get straight to the point this season – polka dots really are spot-on...


Five day kickstart

Louise ParkerKnown as the 'figure magician', Louise Parker's experience at the forefront of figure design spans two decades. The Louise Parker Method is all about changing...

Modern Manners

The Lady Guide to Modern Manners: 5 September

Theatre Etiquette

Dear Thomas, At the theatre last week, there was an interesting clash of two large ladies in the row behind me. The seats were not numbered. Lady 1 arrived early and saved...

Top Tips



There's no need to wait for your beau to treat you. Treat yourself with one of these sets...

Modern Manners

The Lady Guide to Modern Manners: 29 August

A Second White Wedding?

Dear Thomas, What do you think about an elaborate white wedding for a couple in their 50s where one of them has been married before and whose first wife, who is still...


Dawn O’Porter

Love Vintage

Whatever the occasion, top off your outfit in style, says Katy Pearson


Soft touch

Make a seamless transition in to autumn by layering drapes and waterfall collars over simple shapes{igallery...


Soft touch

Keep your cheeks glowing through the chill with these stylish and snug essentials...


Eastern promise

Bring a taste of the Orient to your wardrobe with geisha glamour and blossom prints...{igallery id=5542|cid=340|pid=1|type=category|children=0|showmenu=0|tags=|limit=0}

Modern Manners

The Lady Guide to Modern Manners: 22 August

New Junk Mail

Dear Thomas, A new phenomenon seems to be the offspring of our friends sending begging letters, often backed up by texts and calls from their parents. Recently, a young man...


The history of dieting


1558 The Art Of Living Long by Luigi Cornaro – one of the world’s first bestselling diet books – was published. From his late 30s, Cornaro restricted himself to 400g...



Natural Fabrics

From cottons and silks to linen and cashmere, we choose the best pieces in natural fabrics, a wise late-summer investment. Wear now and layer up in autumn.{igallery...

Modern Manners

The Lady Guide to Modern Manners: 15 August


Dear Thomas, I know it was rather last minute, but I’m surprised that one of my girlfriends turned down my offer of a free holiday quite so readily. The friend I was...

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Daily tip from the lady archive

"BEAUTY may fade and riches be lost, but a sense of humour ripens with the years, and cannot be stolen. It remains a very real solace, and a talisman against the ills of life."

The Lady. The Invaluable Possession 2nd May, 1912
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Live-in Housekeeper in Southampton

A lovely family of 4 is looking for a live-in housekeeper. All main housekeeping duties including laundry and occasional cooking. 4 bedrooms house. The accommodation is a bedroom and a shared bathroom. 25-30 hours per week. Immediate start. Salary £250 npw




What the stars have in store for you this week.September 12 - 18

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Q: A recent survey has revealed the Top 10 things British women would love to do but are too scared. Have you done any of the following?

Sing in public / karaoke - 10.6%
Ask for a pay rise - 6.2%
Travel or holiday alone - 27.7%
Do a naked photo-shoot - 6.2%
Get a tattoo - 3.8%
Have a bikini wax - 4.9%
Get your hair cut very short - 10.6%
Ask someone out on a date - 3.8%
Quit your job - 19%
Have cosmetic surgery - 7.3%
The voting for this poll has ended on: 13 Jun 2014 - 09:12

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