Friday, 30 June 2017

Reclaim your shopping trip

Women are on a quest to look younger – through their clothes. Yet, 88% of those say they worry an outfit makes them look older. Harley Street psychologist Becky Spelman reveals 5 ways to reclaim your shopping trip.

1. Change your language
We're all familiar with phrases such as 'mutton dressed as lamb' and '1665', but have you ever considered the negative connotations these instantly plant in your mind? Have you been unable to forget a spiteful comment about your appearance? It's important to tackle damaging words head on. You must learn to identify, challenge, and replace before it becomes a permanent memory.

2. Blame the clothes, not yourself
You are your harshest critic and it's easy to blame yourself when shopping for clothes. Stop giving yourself a hard time and instead be kinder and more forgiving. If something's too small, get another size - don't blame yourself for not fitting in it. If the colour isn't right, pick another – don't get annoyed that your skin tone isn't tanned enough. Once you see how much you criticise yourself, it's easier to fight back against negative self-talk.

3. Shop for YOU (not your age)
Going shopping has been linked to lifting the mood. Keep this in mind if you don't find the right outfit in the first shop. The moment you start to associate clothes with happiness, the quicker you'll have a positive experience. Do not be drawn into the pressures of society and resist the temptation to ask 'Is this too old for me?' Stop thinking in negatives and choose more positive language - that evokes strength and success - when talking about your appearance.

4. Be confident
Don't compare your shape with anyone else and don't fixate on the bits of your body you consider less than perfect. If you feel more confident in yourself when you're in a new outfit it's because you have a lack of self-esteem. In order to look fabulous, you need to feel fabulous from the inside. Don't fixate on your age and remember getting older isn't about surviving, it's about flourishing.

5. Be bold
Rather than fixate on what not to wear, embrace colour and go for shades that mirror your personality. Try hot pink if you're feeling feisty, red to unleash your passionate side or dark blue for a calming influence.

Seven Seas #TRUEAGE campaign aims to inspire and empower women to live the age they feel on the inside rather than their biological age. For more information go to: 

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