Thursday, 17 January 2013

Put life in your locks

Fancy youthful, bouncy, ageless hair?

Written by Fiona Hicks
Any lady with a passing interest in beauty knows a thing or two about anti-ageing. The eye cream applied virtuously every morning, the extra rich face cream at night, the moisturiser with that essential SPF…

But what about your hair? The same factors which affect the condition of your skin can also determine the appearance of your crowning glory. ‘Your hair is eventually affected by age; the diameter of the hair becomes smaller and the hair growth phase also shortens, so your hair does not grow for as long,’ says Consultant Trichologist, Iain Sallis. ‘The daily wear and tear we place our hair under may also cause the hair to become dry, damaged and take on the appearance of aged hair.’

Luckily there is a lot you can to do to ensure luscious locks. Looking after your health is crucial (recent surveys have linked smoking with hair thinning), as is developing a hair routine. Here we select the products designed to keep you hair looking bouncy, shiny and youthful. Click on for fabulous follicles…

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Daily tip from the lady archive

"AS a general rule, one’s stern duty in life seems to be to avoid the things in life that are pleasant, especially in the matter of diet."

The Lady. Living Well. 16th August, 1928
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The Lady Recruits team is looking for an administrator ideally experienced within recruitment industry.  We are looking for a dynamic, highly motivated individual with a professional approach.  You need to be well presented and have friendly phone manners.

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