The End Of Door-Holding?
Monday, 14 January 2013

The End Of Door-Holding?

Survey says the modern woman prefers her independence and no longer expects chivalrous behaviour from men

Written by Katy Pearson
Most women would prefer to pay for their dinner on a first date, and would not accept the offer from a man to carry her bags, according to new figures.

Very few women said they would accept a seat on public transport if offered by a man, nor accept a gentleman's coat on a cold day, a survey by has concluded.

The figures show further strides in equality and independence, but are a disappointment for those to whom traditional displays of good manners are important, whatever the gender.

Mark Hall, from the sock subscription service for gentlemen who conducted the survey, said: "Men's standards have slipped so far over recent years that any offer of chivalry from a gentleman knocks a woman off their guard and is viewed with outright suspicion.

"Does an offer of goodwill have to be taken the wrong way? If men upped their game across the board, good manners would be back on the agenda once again. We've forgotten about good behaviour, and it's high time gentlemen stood up to be counted - especially on a crowded bus."

The survey results said 82% of women said they would prefer to pay for their dinner on a first date and 52% said they would happily pay for the entire bill on a first date.

89% of women said they would not take up the offer from a man to carrying their bag while 78% would not accept a coat from a man on a cold day.

Only 34% of women said they expect men to open doors for them, and a mere 8% said they would take up the offer of a seat if a man offered. In London, this figure was only 2 per cent.

Some 98% of women said they would like to be bought flowers, but only 32% had actually received flowers in the past twelve months.

Q: Is chivalry dead?

Yes - who needs a door held open for them anymore? - 5.2%
No - manners still maketh the man - 94.8%
The voting for this poll has ended on: 14 Feb 2013 - 12:39

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