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Shake, Puppy & Roll


An undeniable wave of emotion comes over me every time I see a puppy. My voice jumps at least two octaves. Something in my heart warms. I see all the potential and...

First Impressions



What are you working on at the moment? I’m in EastEnders. It is hard work, you don’t get very much time to do anything else. But never mind, they are lovely people and it...


Cycling holidays

You don’t have to be a Bradley Wiggins or Chris Froome to enjoy a bike ride. With the Tour de France boosting interest in cycling, there’s a range of holidays to suit a...


How to make a wreath

Wreaths and garlands are a lovely way to adorn your home and outdoor living space, providing the perfect decoration for special occasions like Valentine’s Day, Easter,...


How to be a good host

Save time in the kitchen If you’re going to get in the kitchen and make something, double your portion to make twice as much and freeze half. This makes life much easier...


Spice & easy

Home is where everyone fi rst experiences food. It shapes their memories, likes and dislikes. Most people’s understanding of family and community is shaped through their...


Castles: Britain’s Fortified History


Nothing, but nothing, is sacred. The nation’s shibboleth ‘an Englishman’s home is his castle’ has been laid waste, and in mere passing too by doughty historian Sam Willis...

Book Reviews

Book Reviews: 28 November

New Must Reads

OUT NOW DARLING MONSTER: The Letters Of Lady Diana Cooper To Her Son John Julius Norwich 1939-1952, edited by John Julius Norwich (Overlook Press, £10.99; offer price,...

Film Review



There was a time when Leonardo DiCaprio was considered for the role of Alan Turing, the cryptographer who cracked the Enigma code. I’m sure he’d have been very good but –...


...And to drink?

There’s no more satisfying wine to order in a restaurant than Gigondas. Just saying: ‘I’ll have the Gigondas’ makes me feel 80 per cent more manly. It’s a wine that...

Battle of Hastings



Richard Nixon might have claimed ‘There can be no whitewash at the White House’, but at Rock House I’m planning a full cover-up. Before 1840, five years after the house was...


News Round Up: 28 November

Vinyl records are back in fashion with the greatest sales since 1996Although it has been strongly believed that vinyl records went out of style after the introduction of...

Latest jobs

  • Florist / Staffordshire

    Florist in Oakamoor, StaffordshireThe Florist position, is to learn from our exciting team. Working in the house completing all flower arrangements and plant ups as the season dictates. Working on commercial projects for our sister business, and some visits to[…]

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  • Gardener/ Handyperson / Staffordshire

    Gardener / Handyperson in Oakamoor, StaffordshireThe Gardener / Handyperson position is to work in a team of three, General gardening for Ornamental, Vegetable and Cut flower Gardens.Some minor machine care and of course lawn and grounds work. About 4.5 acres[…]

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  • Nanny/ Governess / London (Central)

    Nanny/Governess is needed in Central LondonWe are looking for an experienced, fun, creative and full of energy Nanny/Governess to take care of a 4 year old boy on weekday afternoons (he is at school in the mornings). The family is[…]

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  • Housekeeper/Cook / London (Central)

    Live-in Spanish Housekeeper/Cook, Central LondonA lovely family of three is looking for a live-in Spanish speaking Housekeeper/Cook. You will be responsible for a smooth run of this busy household based in Central London. The property is spread over three floors[…]

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  • Housekeeper/Cook/Carer / Dorset

    Part-Time Carer / Housekeeper required for a Mature lady with Vascular Dementia based in Poole, Dorset.The role involves caring for the lady, assisting her with daily needs and also that of a companion.You must be clearly spoken and a driver[…]

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  • Live-In Cleaners required / Gloucestershire

    We are looking for 2 Live-In cleaners to work on the large family estate in Gloucestershire.You will be required to perform all usual cleaning duties and must have a good level of standards in Laundry.We are looking for someone with[…]

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  • Housekeeper/Cook / Cheshire

    We are looking for a Housekeeper/Cook for a lovely 8 Bedroomed home near Chester.The housekeeper should be well groomed with a professional and polished manner.You will need to be discreet and highly confidential, taking charge of running the house in[…]

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  • Housekeeper/Cook / London (Central)

    JOB DESCRIPTIONHands on Housekeeper/Cook In Hampstead, North London A busy household based in North London is looking for a well presented, discreet, trustworthy and highly experienced Housekeeper/Cook.The successful candidate will be required to run the house to the highest standards[…]

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Daily tip from the lady archive

"BEAUTY may fade and riches be lost, but a sense of humour ripens with the years, and cannot be stolen. It remains a very real solace, and a talisman against the ills of life."

The Lady. The Invaluable Possession 2nd May, 1912
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Live-in Housekeeper in Southampton

A lovely family of 4 is looking for a live-in housekeeper. All main housekeeping duties including laundry and occasional cooking. 4 bedrooms house. The accommodation is a bedroom and a shared bathroom. 25-30 hours per week. Immediate start. Salary £250 npw




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Q: A recent survey has revealed the Top 10 things British women would love to do but are too scared. Have you done any of the following?

Sing in public / karaoke - 10.6%
Ask for a pay rise - 6.2%
Travel or holiday alone - 27.7%
Do a naked photo-shoot - 6.2%
Get a tattoo - 3.8%
Have a bikini wax - 4.9%
Get your hair cut very short - 10.6%
Ask someone out on a date - 3.8%
Quit your job - 19%
Have cosmetic surgery - 7.3%
The voting for this poll has ended on: 13 Jun 2014 - 09:12

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