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Modern Manners

Holiday Etiquette

Dear Thomas, With the holiday season about to peak, and as I set off on my own travels, could you please advise on how to be the perfect tourist? Gwen Ryder, Canterbury...


Darcy's Diary

MondayI was 10 minutes late this morning and I spent a lot of time trying to think of an excuse. ‘I still can’t get up the stairs to the editorial department on my own and...


A Passion for Vintage

It’s a conundrum: now we are well and truly into the 21st century, why do we still look back to find inspiration for a truly modern way of living? It’s ironic that we look...


The Real Greek

Warm Halloumi and Peach Salad (pictured above) Serves 2 as a main or 6 as a meze 3 ripe, firm peaches, halved and stoned 2 tbsp. olive oil 250g halloumi cheese 3 red...


Fancy a Sausage?

With stumpy legs and a sausageshaped body, there’s no question that the dachshund is one of the most instantly recognisable dog breeds in the world. Throughout history it...


Natasha Corrett

Summer pudding (pictured above) Serves 6-8 Ingredients: 250g raspberries 250g strawberries 120g blackcurrants 120g blueberries 3 tbsp agave syrup zest and juice of 1/2...


Beer and Barley

Soft Yolk Vegetarian Scotch Egg with Boddingtons Tomato Chilli Chutney Prep Notes: Using good quality eggs is essential for this recipe. ‘Burford Browns’ are recommended...


Changing Times

The world would be a much better place if, in moments of doubt, we all asked ourselves, ‘What would Alan Plater have said/done?’ His work is suffused with humanity, humour...

First Impressions

Stephen Tompkinson

What are you working on at the moment? I have just finished series five of DCI Banks. When are you at your happiest?When I am with Elaine and Daisy, when we have time to...

Book Reviews

New Must Reads

OUT NOW Possession: The Curious History Of Private Collectors From Antiquity To The Present by Erin L Thompson (Yale University Press, £20) ‘Almost everyone has formed a...


The mother of all obsessions

Back in 1998, a 15-year-old Billie became the youngest artist ever to debut at number one in the charts with Because We Want To. The words – I remember them – went like...


Here's looking at you, Ingrid

Funny people, stars. They’re not quite the same as the rest of us, and that, of course, is the point. They shimmer and swagger and the best don’t even need words: witness...

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Sleep in, experienced carer
Sleep in, experienced carer, 24 hour rota, Wellingborough, 69 year old female, CP wheelchair user, personal and social support, approx. £21k

Social enabler to assist chair-bound film-maker
Part-time for 3 months - social enabler to assist chairbound filmmaker to visit exhibitions, galleries, art and events etc.


Person required for Laundry duties

Person required for Laundry duties, must be able to iron shirts and look after delicate items. Full time, London, Private Household.

Responsible Couple required
Responsible Couple required for 3 days gardening and 2 x 6 hours housework. I
Live-in Help
Elderly but active couple offer free exceptionally attractive two-bedroomed cottage with utilities included for general house duties in happy home.





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