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I have to say it: there is something undeniably and deeply sinister about much of folk art. Sinister and yet magnetically compelling. Brilliant crudity is the almost constant hallmark, a charming and disarming naivety – the work of seemingly grown-up...
Student protests, anti-capitalist demonstrations and a yearning to comprehend, if not reinvent, post-war society were common preoccupations throughout 1960s Europe. Nowhere was this more evident than in West Germany, where a young generation struggled...
Top Tips: Buying Art
Alexandra Donaldson, the managing director of Quintessentially Art, has set up the new Patron Scheme, an annual Scheme that provides Patrons with access to exclusive events (including visits to artist studios, talks with collectors and critics and...
ART AND LIFE: 1920-1931
A lively group of young artists – Ben Nicholson, Winifred Nicholson, Christopher Wood, Alfred Wallis and William Staite Murray, who worked and exhibited together during the 1920s, shared the aim of producing forms of art that were innovative, yet...
The Kiss that changed the world
With Gustav Klimt's 150th anniversary this year, there is no better time to look at the work that changed art in Vienna and played a huge part in the success, albeit short-lived, of the Art Nouveau movement. His name and his most famous painting The...
Malevich: Revolutionary Of Russian Art
Kazimir Severinovich Malevich is nothing short of an explosive genius. No matter what one’s personal tastes in art it is impossible not to appreciate his audacious vivacity and soaring imagination. Born in Kiev in 1879, the eldest of 14 siblings, his...
Why art fairs are terrific and not at all boring
It sounds obvious, but many people hang art too high – eye level is considered the correct height. In rooms where people are sitting it can be even lower. If the walls allow, two rows of pictures can work well. People make the mistake of putting the...
Art & Life: The Paintings of Beryl Bainbridge
In the window of Beryl Bainbridge’s house there sat a life-sized male mannequin she baptised Neville Chamberlain. He was there to see off burglars. He was also there because she just liked him. Like the stuffed fox on the sofa or the life-sized dead...
Demystify the Art & Antiques world
The Art & Antiques world can certainly seem mysterious to those outside it. Many people's knowledge is based on rare viewings of daytime TV programmes whose primary objective is to provide drama not information. But it is a wonderful world to enter and...
Cézanne And The Modern
You may be forgiven if the connection between one of our most respected art museums and a New York businessman with an interest in cold-storage facilities is one that does not readily spring to mind. Indeed, the link might never have developed had it...
Revolution: Russian art 1917 – 1932
‘Why are we being asked to admire art that celebrates genocidal tyrants?’ The Royal Academy has already had stick for mounting this ambitious exhibition of more than 200 paintings, photographs, sculptures and porcelain pieces to mark 100 years since...
2-for-1 entry to the Affordable Art Fair
Returning to the historic Brunel’s Old Station in Bristol from 18-20 May, the Affordable Art Fair is celebrating its tenth anniversary as the South West’s hottest art-buying destination. The Lady readers are entitled to a special 2-for-1 offer on...
A Life in Pictures
I'm very impressed,' says Viscountess Bridgeman as she leafs through the latest copy of The Lady. 'There are jolly good articles that are of interest to anybody. It's delightful.' Not only is Lady Bridgeman the founder of the Bridgeman Art Library, and...
How about a bit of nostalgia and a touch of disappointment to start off the New Year? Not one but two of my favourite theatrical moments spring from 1996 and the premier of Yasmina Reza’s sophisticated, witty Art. The first is when Ken Stott, playing...
My friend the spy & why we’re all pretty silly about about art
In the exquisite surrounds of his Wimbledon drawing room, acclaimed art critic Brian Sewell is telling me the remarkable tale of how he duped the Tate gallery. ‘I hope you like coffee,’ he prefaces the story. ‘My tea is terrible.’ He pours us both a...
Art Deco Britain: Lidos
The 1920s and 1930s was the golden age of the lido in the UK, with 169 being built across the country by councils during that time. Although only a fraction of these exist today, some are of such great architectural importance that they have been Grade...
When Thomas Bruce, or Lord Elgin to give his more familiar name, brought the Parthenon Marbles back to England, he did so with the full backing of the (then Turkish) government. In fact, he paid for them and they ended up at the British Museum because...
Collecting the Past: Scholars’ taste in Chinese art
The deceptively evocative paintings – depth lying within detail, colour represented via nuances of shading – produced by Chinese scholar-artists in the 18th and 19th centuries weren’t intended for public consumption. To these high officials, creating...
The Art of Japanese Life
Though made of wood, the carved cicada is in every other respect true to nature, with tiny compound eyes and a ribbed back perfect in every detail. The centuries-old carving is an exquisite emblem of The Art of Japanese Life (Monday, BBC4, 9pm)...
The Art Of France: Plus Ça Change
This Brexit business means a heaving in-tray for our estimable PM and her team, and I’m loath to add to their burden, but I’d like to suggest that ‘being nice to the French’ should be added high up on their to-do list. In The Art Of France: Plus Ça...

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