Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Are you a Lady?

Make a note of the answers that are most like you (if you can’t decide between two, note down both) and then scroll down to the foot of the page to find out if you are a Lady...

Written by Suzanne Worthington

Q1 If I was making a cake, I'd have help in the kitchen from...

A. Lorraine Pascal, the model-turned-baker

B. Gordon Ramsay. Or James Martin. Preferably both

C. Mary Berry, queen of baking

D. Nigella Lawson. Hell-o!

Q2 My living room is decorated...

A. With furniture I've inherited from various relatives, lots of books and pot-plants

B. In stylish shades of grey with colourful accents, plus a large mirror and framed paintings

C. Like a Laura Ashley show-home with an antique roll-top desk and framed photos of my family

D. By someone else. I added the sound system and 36" high-def plasma TV

Q3 I own an iPod/mp3 player...

A. But I don't use it anymore since I now have an iPhone/Samsung/netbook with Spotify

B. I use it when I’m out walking, in the gym and sometimes pop it in the dock at home

C. I don’t have one! My son/grandson wanted to buy me one but I'd rather listen to Radio 4

D. But I think I might have broken it (because I didn't read the instructions)

Q4 My computer is...

A. Essential - I use it every day for work, emailing, Facebook and clothes shopping

B. A necessity - I use it for emailing, writing letters, online banking and grocery shopping

C. A handy tool for emailing, Skyping my grandchildren, and maybe a spot of browsing

D. A good excuse for retreating to my study

Q5 The underwear I'm wearing came from:

A. H&M, Topshop or M&S

B. M&S of course! Or maybe House of Fraser or an online store

C. On a good day, Rigby & Peller; on other days, a little boutique in town

D. I have no idea, I didn't buy it. Maybe Marks and Spencer?

Q6 Going to the theatre is:

A. Something I did at school as an English Lit field trip

B. Enjoyable when I have the opportunity

C. A treat – I book months in advance and look forward to it

D. An obligation

Q7 On TV, I like to watch...

A. Strictly Come Dancing, The X Factor, anything on E4, boxsets of US TV series

B. Strictly Come Dancing, How To Look Good Naked, The Great British Bake-Off

C. Strictly Come Dancing, Who Do You Think You Are?, anything with David Attenborough

D. Rugby and cricket matches, Top Gear, definitely NOT Strictly Come Dancing

Q8 A sunny afternoon spent gardening is...

A. Not my scene. I’d rather be picnicking with friends

B. Bliss! I'll finish those jobs I've been too busy to do

C. Peaceful and productive (but my knees will ache tomorrow)

D. Thirsty work. Pass me a beer!

Q9 In my house, groceries:

A. Are bought from my local farmers’ market if possible, but more likely picked up in quick dash round M&S

B. Are ordered online from Sainsbury’s or Waitrose

C. Are bought once a week at the supermarket

D. Just magically appear in the fridge

Q10 For my next car, I will:

A. Have my mum’s old car but dream about buying a Mini or anything convertible

B. Wish for a little Merc but buy a big practical BMW or Freelander

C. Do some research and buy something small and nippy

D. Ask if I’m allowed an Aston Martin; settle for a BMW or Mercedes

Q11 My favourite pair of shoes are:

A. My precious birthday-gift Jimmy Choos. And my Ugg boots!

B. Black Kurt Geiger heels – my lucky charm for a guaranteed good night

C. A pair of dance shoes I wore out years ago. But the ones I’d save in a fire are my Hotters!

D. Favourite? I have ten pairs and they all look the same…

Q12 My attitude towards family history is...

A. I'm more interested in the future than the past

B. I'm interested - I love to look at old photos and hear about relatives

C. I'm fascinated - I know the names and occupations of everyone back to my great-great-great grandfather

D. I'm interested - in whether Great Uncle George has left me some money

Q13 My last major holiday was...

A. A couple of months in Asia with a backpack

B. A long weekend in a boutique hotel - we don't have time for holidays!

C. A few weeks exploring an amazing location on a guided tour

D. Not my choice but the food was good and I didn't have to wash up

Q14 After my last holiday, I shared my photos...

A. On Facebook and printed a few for my pinboard

B. On my iPad over lunch with my girlfriends

C. By email with the family and printed a few for the album

D. I didn't. I just downloaded them and stored them on the computer

Q15 The clothes I’m wearing today came from:

A. H&M, River Island, TKMaxx or ASOS

B. Warehouse, Boden, Joules or Toast

C. Hobbs, Monsoon, M&S or an outdoor store like Rohan

D. I can’t remember, I think this jumper was a gift

Q16 To keep fit, I...

A. Run, do BodyCombat

B. Spin or cycling, step class, run the odd 5K for charity

C. Swim, do yoga and try to walk as much as possible

D. Play snooker and try not to eat too much

Q17 My ideal Saturday night involves:

A. Lots of friends, a delicious tapas-style meal, adventures and shenanigans

B. Lots of good wine, a delicious meal in a great restaurant, a taxi home and no commitments the morning after

C. Lots of the family, a delicious meal at home, laughter and chatter

D. An Indian takeaway, a few beers and the latest action film on DVD

Q18 Secretly, my fantasy Saturday night involves:

A. Me, champagne, and all of Take That in a hot tub

B. A log cabin, a roaring fire and Brad Pitt or George Clooney

C. A private tango lesson in Seville with Anton du Beke and/or Vincent Simone followed by a stroll in the moonlight

D. An Indian takeaway, a few beers and the latest action film on DVD – on my own!

How did you score?

Mostly As - You are a Young Lady. Having finished university, you're now taking the first steps in your career as a Young Lady. You sometimes buy but usually borrow your copy of The Lady and read it to find inspiration and possibly a great new job through our vacancies adverts. Check out our blogs online and if you move abroad, ask for a gift subscription to The Lady to keep in touch with life back home.

Mostly Bs - You are a Lady. Organised, intelligent and energetic, you are a Lady. You try to read The Lady every week but sometimes you're just too busy. When you’re not at work, you're squeezing in a gym session or lunch with friends. If you don't have time to pick up the magazine, keep in touch with The Lady at www.lady.co.uk, where you can read entertaining blogs, browse our recipe features or enter great competitions.

Mostly Cs - You are a Grand Lady. Caring, elegant and wise, you are a Grand Lady. You can’t bear magazines full of gossip and nonsense but secretly love to settle down with a cup of tea and your weekly copy of The Lady – you may have been a loyal reader for many years. You are likely to be a proud grandmother (or great-grandma!), busy organising events and working on your many interests. We love to hear from you so please drop us a line (by letter or email) to let us know your opinions and ideas for the magazine.

Mostly Ds - You are a Bloke You are reading your wife's magazine! Put it down and get back to work!

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